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Underdog of the Year , real name Michael William Lentz, is a 3rd-degree Black Belt jn Tae Kwon Do, trained by Danny Abbadi in MMA, and aspiring professional wrestler/ skateboarder/sports journalist.

Early Life 1999-2005 Michael Lentz was born in Rostov-on-Don, Rostov, Russia, to two parents whose names are unknown because they left him soon after he was born, more than likely due to doctor's reports that he had cerebral prosy, of which reports were false. He was known as Yuri Victorovich Timoshaevich. He was adopted at a year and one month, where he lived on a U.S Army base in Germany with his new parents for a short time before becoming a naturalized citizen of the US at around a year. Then he lived in Virginia for about four to five years, where he learned how to read at a far accelerated pace.

Florida 2005-Present After moving to Bartow, Florida, to be closer to his extended family, he enrolled in elementary school at Highland City Elementary and began to show signs of being far ahead of his class, reading 200-300 page books and understanding them . Most notably, Harry Potter 1 and 2. He was enrolled in the Gifted program later that year and skipped ahead to second grade. During his Kindergarten year, he enrolled at what was then Dan Parrish's Martial Academy. At first, he showed signs of her but not physical progress, but quickly adjusted to martial arts in about a year and his instructors were quickly impressed by his progress. Nothing much happened in ATA until he was trained under two great instructors, neither of which stayed very long. One Mr. Damian Motsinger, who with the help of Michael's friend Clayton Whidden, helped him learn to spar more efficiently. Then came along one Mr. Danny Abbadi. Danny Abbadi, UFC Fighter, taught Michael to fight with a ferociousness and fighting spirit, he made him want to fight and look forward righting, and taught him to exploit his opponent's weaknesses. Already a 2nd degree black belt at this time, he tested for his 3rd degree, passing on his first time and then leaving due to the ATA's new age restriction. After that, the school went downhill. The owner, Mr. Parrish, sold the school. I,mediatelt,min structure were fired and many students left.

Dreams and Ambitions Michael hopes to be a professional wrestler in the WWE as well as a sports journalist or writer for TransWorld Skateboarding.