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Emperor of The LEGION
Reign 2005 - Present
Predecessor None
Successor No one ever.
Spouse No one yet.
House Of The Rising Sun
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown


Uneak5 Is tall dark and handsome. Born into a life of poverty Uneak gradually surpassed all his friends and grew into one of the richest tycoons the world has ever seen.

Not really.

Uneak5 was born into a upper-middle class family. Unable to go outside until he was 5 Uneak fought against Asthma and suffers from Spina bifida and fibromyalgia. He likes older music and T.V. Shows.

Favorite T.V. Shows and Movies[edit]


1.Mission Impossible

2.Star Trek (Any series)

3.Magnum P.I.

4.Simon and Simon

5.Hogan's Heros



8.I Dream of Jeannie

9.Perry Mason

10.The A-Team (One of my favorites of these favorites if that makes any sense :P)

11.The Twilight Zone (The old one and sometimes the new one) And a whole lot more.



Uneak5 Likes Nitrome games. Uneak5 Loves Irregular Webcomic and has several ideas he is planning to send to David Morgan-Mar.

Uneak5 Owns Irregular Webcomic wiki.


Articles in bold means that he heavily contributed to these articles. (I consider at least 25% or totally rearranging info as heavily contributing to an article)

(List is in alphabetical order.)


David Morgan-Mar (Feels honored :D)

Frank Lupo

Murphy Morobe


Nova Mamoré (only one line of info prior to my edit so I've done most of the work on this small article)

Theatre Arlington (Wrote this article)

This Page! (No, seriously I did)

Willie Bester