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Hello. Feel free to edit this page. I could especially use some help reorganizing and laying things out nicely.

Useful resources[edit]

Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement, based on Paul Graham's "How to Disagree". Please try to stay in the top three sections of this hierarchy. I will also try.

International Travels[edit]

Spent months to years: Flag of Canada.svg Flag of the United States.svg
Days to weeks: Flag of France.svg
Hours or merely airports: Flag of England.svg
To go some day: Flag of Egypt.svg Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Flag of North Korea.svg
Idea and layout lifted from User:GTBacchus, who got it from User:Calton, who took it from User:Salsb, who stole it from User:Guettarda who borrowed it from User:White Cat

Some games I've played[edit]


Construction and management simulation[edit]



First-person shooter[edit]










  1. ^ This game is not included in our list of best games of all time, but some later Smash Bros. games are.
  2. ^ a b c d e f g h i Included in our list of best games of all time.
  3. ^ This game is not included in our list of best games of all time, but some other Mario games are.


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Things I would like to do later[edit]

Around June 2014: check at File talk:Spectrum Diagram.PNG for a reply. (The user I wrote to doesn't seem to edit Wikipedia that often.)

Note to self

Regarding a certain dispute in a #Safety article section: It is interesting. The woman who is also involved in the dispute doesn't mind the text being there; she just doesn't want to link to another wiki, since it is an unreliable source. Maybe I could ask on IRC what to do. Or maybe it's sufficient just to use a link to the source which contains a disclaimer in the link text. —Unforgettableid (talk) 03:10, 1 January 2015 (UTC)