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Ungtss is also a one man band and a blog.

My babies:

American administrative law | Development of religion | Soil liquefaction | Pillars of the sons of Seth | Theistic realism | Arguments for eternity | Genealogies of Genesis | Inclusivism | Influence of Hellenic philosophy on Christianity | Peripatetic axiom | Wave loading | Bi-Metallic Investment Co. v. State Board of Equalization | FDA v. Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. | ICC v. Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway Co. | Londoner v. City and County of Denver | National Broadcasting Co. Inc. et al. v. United States et al. | US v. Southwestern Cable Co. | Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize | A New Theory of the Earth | Mathews v. Eldridge | Organic statute | Impartiality | Legislative intent | Parade of horribles | Legal standing | Created kinds | Creation biology | Intrinsic finality | Submarine canyon | Turbidity current | Bioerosion | Dipolar theism | Coral sand | Poor old Lu | Bantu Philosophy | Basic belief | Awan | Cream sherry

My adopted babies:

Religion | Orichalcum | Tumbaga | A Study of History | Great Awakening | Biogenesis | But to bring a sword | Butler Act | Critias (Plato) | Scopes Trial | Thomism | Civil war in Côte d'Ivoire | Félix Houphouët-Boigny | Government in the Sunshine Act | Moral objectivism | Teleology | Fall (religion) | Human nature

My travels[edit]

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