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en-5This user can contribute with a professional level of English.
kwKernowek yw mammyeth a'n devnydhyer-ma .
kw-3An devnydhyer-ma a wor scrifa Kernowek orth nivel avoncys.
br-2Mat a-walc'h e teu ar brezhoneg gant an implijour-se.
fr-5Cet utilisateur parle français à un niveau professionnel.
fro-1Icest faitre poet assister a un nivel bas de la langue francor.
la-3Hic usor callidissima latinitate contribuere potest.
de-2Dieser Benutzer hat fortgeschrittene Deutschkenntnisse.
ang-1Þes brūcere cann forðian mid grundlicgendre mǣðe Englisces.
enm-2Muchel knoweth this segge of Englissh.
grc-1Ὅδε ὁ χρήστης δύναται συμβάλλεσθαι ὀλίγῃ γνώσει τῆς ἀρχαίας ἑλληνικῆς.
it-3Questo utente può contribuire con un livello avanzato di italiano.
ru-1Этот участник владеет русским языком на начальном уровне.
pt-1Este usuário/utilizador pode contribuir com um nível básico de português.
This user has a nearly complete understanding of the International Phonetic Alphabet.
This user has a near complete understanding of the Greek alphabet.
This user has a near complete understanding of the Cyrillic script.
This user has an intermediate understanding of the Katakana or Hiragana.
...This user would like to know oodles more languages.
Shaw letters.png𐑞𐑦𐑕 𐑿𐑟𐑼 𐑦𐑟 𐑦𐑯𐑑𐑼𐑧𐑕𐑑𐑩𐑛 𐑦𐑯 ·𐑖𐑱𐑝𐑾𐑯.
This user is interested in Shavian.
blzThis user understands blazon.
Nikolaos Gyzis - Ηistoria.jpgThis user is interested in history.
Stylized Mona Lisa.svgThis user is interested in
art history.
The Venerable Bede translates John 1902.jpgUnionvox is interested in their local history.

Dublin Slum dwellers 1901 cropped.jpg
This user has an active interest in Social History
Bakuninfull.jpgThis user is interested in the history of the Anarchist Movement.
One Big Union 02.jpgThis user is interested in labour history.
Venus symbol.svgThis user is interested in women's and gender history.A TransGender-Symbol black-and-white.svg
Jan Hus.jpgThis user is interested in Central European history.
Commune 28 mars.jpegThis user is interested in the Paris Commune.
Lenin-Silhoutte.svgThis user is interested in the Russian Revolution.
The Venerable Bede translates John 1902.jpg
This user is interested in the
history of Christianity.
1099jerusalem.jpgThis user is interested in the Crusades.
Russian Revolution of 1917.jpgThis user is interested in the Russian Civil War.
Flag of the United States.svg
Flag of the Soviet Union.svg
This user is interested in the history of the Cold War.
Woodstock redmond stage.JPGThis user is interested in the counterculture of the 1960s.
Computer lab showing desktop PCs warwick.jpgThis user is interested in the digital revolution.
Tahrir Square during 8 February 2011.jpgThis user is interested in contemporary history.
Ankh.pngThis user is interested in ancient civilizations.
The Rage of Achilles by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.jpegThis user is interested in classical mythology.
Head of the Great Sphinx (icon).pngThis user is interested in
Ancient Egypt.
Templo-de-zeus-2.jpgThis user is interested in ancient Greece.
Henry-VIII-kingofengland 1491-1547.jpgThis user is interested in theEnglish Reformation
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
This user is interested in the history of the lands comprising the United Kingdom.  
Flag of Wales (1959–present).svgThis user is interested in Welsh History.
Louis XIV of France.jpgThis user is interested in the History of France.
Phrygian Cap
This user is interested in the
French Revolution
This user is interested in the Russian Revolution
Flag of the Czech Republic.svgThis user is interested in Communist history, specifically Czech.
Eurasia (orthographic projection).svgThis user is interested in Eurasia.
30This user is interested in the History of the Papacy.
Sutton Hoo helmet 2016.pngThis user is interested in the Early Middle Ages.
Leprosy victims taught by bishop.jpg This user is interested in the
Middle Ages
Birth of Venus detail.jpg
This user is interested in the Renaissance period.
This user is interested in the Modernist period.
Nuvola apps kcoloredit.svgThis user is an art lover.
Phillips Exeter Library, New Hampshire - Louis I. Kahn (1972)b.jpgThis user is interested in architecture.
The Gallery of Cornelis van der Geest.JPGThis user enjoys visiting art galleries.
TrainsSmokeSteam engineTenderCoachesBanditsPentrain.gif
Insignia (ship, 1998) IMO 9156462; in Split, 2011-10-01; (2).jpgThis user enjoys traveling by ship.
Trethevy quoit cornwall01.jpg
This user is interested in Ancient Monuments
Goodrich Castle 01.jpg
D’Espouy-marsultor-capital.jpgThis user is interested in architecture.
Topographic map example.png
This user is interested in maps and mapmaking.
Sciences humaines.svgThis user loves knowledge.
Greek lc lamda thin.svgThis user is interested in linguistics.
Bust of Zeus.jpgThis user is interested in Greek mythology.
Ezra Cornell's first book.jpgThis user is interested in literature
Sna large.pngThis user is interested in anthropology and sociology.
Quenya Example.svgThis user is interested in conworlding/conlanging.Sample conworld.jpg
Flag of France.svgThis user is a Francophile.
Dome 1.jpgThis user is interested in the debate over the separation of church and state.ReligionSymbolAbr.PNG
Brain 090407.jpgThis user believes that one should never stop feeding one's brain.
Flag of France.svgThis user is interested in France.
MonWheel.jpgThis user is interested in religion as an anthropological and historical phenomenon.
Samsara.jpgThis user is interested in religion for aesthetic reasons.
Sacred texts.pngThis user prefers to read sacred texts in their original language whenever possible.
The Venerable Bede translates John 1902.jpg
This user is interested in the
history of Christianity.
Cantercross.svg This user is interested in Anglicanism.
Eucharistic Adoration.jpg
This user prefers
liturgical worship
Carl-Jung-mod.jpgThis user, as did Carl Jung, likes mythology.
Blacktriangle.jpg Until proven wrong, this user does not believe in the supernatural.
7-cube graph.svgThis user enjoys looking at images that they do not understand.
Russ Feingold official photo.jpgThis user is interested in politics.
tuff, doe, chru, tought
This user thinks English spelling reform is dumb, since we'll have to do it again anyway in a few hundred years, and besides, no writing system is telling me how to talk.
a lot alotThis user recognizes that linguistic change is a natural and desirable aspect of human language.
Speakers Know Best This user recognizes that grammar comes from humans, not from the heavens. Trust native speakers.
Thou/YeThis user wants to resurrect the T–V distinction in English.
theyThis user frequently uses singular they as it is a handy gender-neutral pronoun.
mankindThis user supports the use of gender-neutral language.
This user understands grammatical gender historically preceded and is independent of natural gender.
amn'tThis user considers amn't a perfectly logical alternative to aren’t in the first person singular.
snkdThis user says sneaked.
…in.Ending a sentence with a preposition is something that this user is okay with.
who(m)This user uses either who or whom in the object case.
byThe passive voice may be used by this user.
subj This user prefers that the subjunctive mood be used. Were this user you, they would use it.
to¦goThis user chooses to sometimes use split infinitives.
which & that This user joins with Dickens, Melville, and other great writers[1] in rejecting the canard that which may not be used for restrictive relative clauses.
Latin Plurals: "Data is are..." This user uses "data", "media", "memoranda", "criteria", and "agenda" as the plurals of "datum", "medium", "memorandum", "criterion", and "agendum".
golden toad This user advocates lowercase common names in an encyclopedia.

. TheThis user does not put two spaces after a full stop.
A, B, and
A and B
This user uses the serial comma unless its inclusion is confusing.
“…”This user favors curly quotation marks over straight style.
US vs. UK
This user uses logical quotation marks. Internal punctuation leads to factual errors. It's not a style issue!
;This user is addicted to semicolons; he or she uses them frequently.
This user knows the difference between a dash and a hyphen, and follows MOS:DASH.
ain'tThis user believes that prescriptive grammar rules stem from linguistic ignorance and are used to enforce economic class distinctions
Metric seal.svgThis user prefers the metric system.

UKThis user uses British English.


Oh Shit!This user thinks profanity does not exist. (S)he believes that such words are the same as any other words and should be treated as such.
śṣThis user believes that Indic languages should be properly transliterated.
00:00This user uses 24-hour time.
InternetUserWikia.pngThis user is an Internet addict
and is ashamed of it.
AIM-AbleThis user understands AIM talk perfectly well, and sometimes uses it, but not excessively.
8bit-dynamiclist.gifThis user really likes old computers.
@This user can be reached by email.
F icon.svg This user maintains a facebook profile. +
Twitter icon.svgThis user uses Twitter.
Goodreads 'g' logo.jpgThis user keeps track of their books using Goodreads.
Wordpress-logo-simple.pngThis user uses WordPress.
Instagram icon.pngThis user has a Instagram gallery.
tThis user blogs on Tumblr.
YouTube full-color icon (2017).svg
This user watches videos on YouTube.
Google 2015 logo.svgThis user uses Google as a primary search engine.
Talk page icon crystal.pngThis user spends too much time on Internet forums.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svgThis user uses Wikipedia as a primary point of reference.
WFAThis user uses Wolfram Alpha.
Gmail Icon.pngThis user uses Gmail as a primary email service.
Apple logo black.svg
This user prefers Mac.
MacBook Pro.jpgThis user contributes using a
MacBook Pro.
Crystal krfb.png This user contributes using a PC.
HPThis user contributes using an HP computer.
3 This user owns 3 working computers.
Close-up photo of a 3.5-inch floppy disk.jpgThis user still remembers these.
Nuvola apps remote.pngThis user contributes using a wireless connection.
Crystal Clear app starthere.png
This user uses Google Maps.
Google Chrome icon (September 2014).svg
Google Calendar.pngThis user uses Google Calendar.
Free software logosThis user uses free software wherever and whenever possible.
ABPThis user enjoys an ad-free internet thanks to Adblock Plus.
Nuvola apps chat.pngThis user uses Skype.
MS Office
This person uses
Microsoft Office.
Crystal Clear app kword.png This user writes with Notepad.
LaTeX logo.svg
This user uses LaTeX and admires its power.
Crystal Clear app email.pngThis user's primary email client is Mac OS X Mail v.8.
Gnome-dev-cdrom-audio.svgThis user contributes while using iTunes.
Audacity.pngThis user records with Audacity.
X This user runs Mac OS X El Capitan
Windows 10This user contributes using Windows 10.
Win-like-userbox.pngThis user hates, but is forced to use, Microsoft Windows.
Userbox Classic Mac OS.png This user continues to love Classic Mac OS.

IPhone with icons.svg
This user owns an iPhone.
O2This user's mobile phone and data services provider is O2.
NeopetsThis user has quit playing Neopets.
VHS-Kassette 01 KMJ.jpgThis user remembers VHS. ±
Anti-iPod.pngThis user dislikes iPods, and has a much cooler device.
This user loves playing games at Kongregate (profile).White K on Red Background using font Freight Micro Black.png
Wikiball.svgThis user is a Pokémon fan.
Poké Ball.svgThis user plays Pokémon Go and is in Team Mystic.
Beagle 001.jpgThis user likes both cats and dogsGatto europeo3.jpg
Gatto europeo3.jpgThis user is a cat lover
Cow female black white.jpgThis user likes cows.
Siberian-husky.jpgThis user likes big dogs, and cannot lie... (though they do NOT like the song this userbox is based on!)
Wayfield's Young Argos, the Labrador Retriever.jpgThis user may love dogs a little (ok, a lot) too much.
Yellow lab This user loves Yellow Labrador Retrievers.
Exquisite-thunderbird2-Negative.png This user's Patronus is a Rottweiler.
Lammetje (Nunspeet 2004).jpgThis user thinks sheep are cute.
G This user's favourite colour is red.
Rainbow icon.svg This user likes all of the colors.
This user loves sunny days
Gcalctool.svgThis user loves calculators.
Q qThis user's favorite letter in the English alphabet is Q.
Igloo icon.svg This user prefers cold weather.
XN Fruehjahrswiese 00.jpgThis user loves the Spring.
Dec 25This user's favorite holiday is Christmas.
Qtz watch.png This user's watch
always has the correct time.
Brackets make (this user) feel safe.
EarthThis user has visited 15 countries of the world.15
Northern Hemisphere Azimuthal projections.svgThis user has never left the Northern Hemisphere.
MapL.pngThis user enjoys travelling.
Greece This user has travelled to Greece.
Flag of Italy.svgThis user has visited Italy.
Flag of Portugal.svgThis user has visited Portugal.
Flag of Belgium.svgThis user has visited Belgium.
France This user has travelled to France.
Flag of Germany.svgThis user has visited Germany.
Flag of Denmark.svgThis user has visited Denmark.
Flag of Sweden.svgThis user has visited Sweden.
Flag of the Netherlands.svgThis user has visited the Netherlands.
Flag of Russia.svgThis user has visited Russia.
Ireland smaller.svgThis user has visited 2 of the 32 counties of Ireland.2
Flag of the Vatican City.svgThis user has visited the Vatican City.
No pet.svgThis user thinks pets should only come from an animal shelter.
PD-icon.svgThis user believes in freedom of all types of information for all.
Recycle001.svgThis user recycles waste when possible.
Heritage Routemaster.jpg The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg
Citadis dublin.jpg This user is interested in public transport issues.
Day 14 Occupy Wall Street September 30 2011 Shankbone 49.JPGThis user supports the Occupy Movement, but not uncritically.
Anti-capitalism color.gif
This user believes that capitalism is an inherently unjust system, and that humans can do better.
Red flag left.jpgThis user identifies as a leftist.
LeftThis user's favorite direction is left.
Pyramid of Capitalist System.pngThis user is a socialist, and is disgusted by this regressive societal system, that places corporate greed and profitability above human life, the environment and the collective well being of society.
Communism.pngThe user is a Communist and advocates for the overthrow of capitalism (nonviolently). Workers of the world unite!
Circle-A red star.svgThis user is a real anarchist.
Syndicalism.svgThis user is a syndicalist.
A sunflower-Edited.png This user supports Green politics.
Nocar.pngThis user supports the abolition of the automobile.
Nocar.svgThis user is car-free.The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg
Urbine221dc.jpg This user supports the
use of green energy.
Mafate Marla solar panel dsc00633.jpg
AlfedPalmersmokestacks.jpgThis user thinks we should tax pollution.
Kwashiorkor 6903.jpg
This user knows that genetically modified food has saved over a billion lives, and that all agriculture is "genetic modification", what we do today is just faster.
Phrygian cap.svg
This user
opposes monarchism.
Tools.svgThis user supports the proletariat.
Pdc université populaire amlr.pngThis user advocates proletarian popular education.
Crosscircle001.svgThis user is interested in Methodism.
NIrelandDerryFreeJM.jpg This user supports the rights of all people to resist colonisation and imperialism.
Non aux religions.pngThis user believes the world would be a happier, safer and saner place without religion.
Fomfr breast ripper.jpgThis user believes that torture cannot be justified under any circumstances.
Peace symbol.svg This user advocates pacifism.
Rosa Luxemburg.jpg This user is an internationalist who opposes war. Red flag II.svg
This user thinks nationalism is outdated.
George Orwell press photo.jpg
George Orwell taught this user everything they need to know about the government.
Pro-PC This user believes that so-called "political correctness" is conservative code for other things, and not a real societal problem.
PCThis user supports a woman's right to choose, and opposes any restrictions on abortions.
No death penalty.svgThis user opposes the death penalty in all cases.
"No smoking" sign with text This user supports the ban on smoking in public places.
🚭Unionvox does not smoke, but supports the right of others to do so courteously.🚬
Cannabis sativa.jpg This user does not use drugs, but figures people should be able to use recreational drugs in their own home if they're responsible about it.
Nuvola apps edu miscellaneous.png This user believes the world would be a better place if everyone had access to a quality, free education.
EuThis user supports euthanasia and believes people have the right to die if they so choose.Su
Copyleft.svgThis user opposes copyright, and encourages the free exchange of culture.
PD-icon.svgThis user doesn't believe in the ownership of culture and knowledge but is nonetheless opposed to plagiarism.
This user believes race does not exist except as an oppressive social construct and will oppose racism by any means necessary.
Flag of the United States.svgThis user ardently opposes all forms of RACISM
Bundeswehr G36.jpg This user believes if you're old enough to go to war, you're old enough to drink alcohol.
Peace symbol.svg This user advocates pacifism.
Anti-NATO sign.svgThis user opposes NATOAnti-NATO sign.svg
WMD world map.svgThis user wishes humans would just get rid of their overly destructive weapons.
A coloured voting box (no bg).svg This user believes it is every citizen's duty to assess every candidate and abstain from voting if none is found fit for office, unless he or she wants to vote anyway.
Demarchy.pngUnionvox thinks first-past-the-post is a flawed voting system and wants fairer votes.Vote 12345.jpg
A coloured voting box.svg
This user supports
proportional representation.
 This user supports the Green Party of England and Wales.
SFThis user supports
Sinn Féin.
Flag of Scotland.svgThis user supports the independence of Scotland.
Flag of Wales (1959–present).svg This user supports the independence of Wales.

Flag of Ireland.svgThis user supports the reunification of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.32
Flag of Cornwall.svgThis user supports the independence of Cornwall.
Estelada blava.svgThis user supports the independence of Catalonia.
Flag of Ireland.svgThis user KNOWS Northern Ireland is part of Ireland.NIShape.gif
Flag of Brittany.svgThis user supports the independence of Brittany.
KosovoTibetBasque Country (autonomous community)ScotlandNorthern Ireland This user supports secessionist and autonomist groups so long as a majority of the people living within the region in question support secession or further autonomy, that it is achieved through nonviolent means only and that the minority that do not support independence are treated with respect.
Unitedkingdom devolution small.PNGThis user supports devolution of powers to the nations of the UK.
Flag of the UK Provinces.png
This user supports a British federal state, not mere devolution.
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
This user thinks the Liberal Democrats should have formed a coalition with Labour.Labour
Flag of Europe.svg This user supports the European Union.
Flag of Europe.svgThis user supports a Federal Europe
:-/This user is a sceptic, even with regard to this userbox.
Autism Awareness Ribbon.png This user supports Autism and Asperger's awareness.
XThis user is an Atheist, and doesn't have a religion.
atheist This user rejects as invalid all forms of spirituality or religion.

Religious syms.svg This user respects the beliefs and religions of others.
Crystal mind.jpgThis user values reason
over faith.


Green ribbon.svg This user thinks ribbons do not raise any awareness.
This user is opposed to
political censorship
Nocensor.svg This user sees nothing wrong with the human form and doesn't view it as something that needs to be hidden.
Female.svgMale.svg This user supports gender equality.
Gayjustice.png This user supports equal rights for queer people.
TheySome people are 'they'. Get over it!
NoWedding.jpgThis user thinks that marriage is the main reason for divorces.
Female.svgThis user is a feminist.
AThis user is an adult.
20+This user is a vicenarian.
This Wikipedian was born on 28 June 1993 and is 25 years, 3 months, and 26 days old.
♀This user is female.
GenderCircle.png This user does not identify strongly with any gender.
w/eThis user prefers to be referred to by whatever gender pronoun makes you feel comfortable.
</label>This user does not choose to label his or her sexual orientation.
Elizabeth II.jpg This user was born during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the premiership of John Major. John Major 1996.jpg
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgThis user is a citizen of the United Kingdom.
Flag of Europe.svgThis user is a citizen of the European Union.
This user does not believe in borders, and is a World citizen.
This user has a Driver's License, but does not own a car.
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgThis user is British by ethnicity
Britain and Ireland satellite image bright.pngMy family is from the British Isles.
Flag of Cornwall.svgThis user has Cornish ancestry.
Flag of England.svgThis user is of English ancestry.
Wales/CymruThis user is of Welsh descent
Banniel Keltia.svgThis user has Celtic ancestry.Ccross.svg
Flag of Cornwall.svg Kernow
This user is proud to be Cornish
Windup alarm clock.jpgThis user observes British Summer Time during the summer.
UTCThis user's time zone is UTC.
Ireland smaller.svgThis user lives in Ireland.
NIShape.pngThis user lives in
Northern Ireland
Antrim arms.svgThis user lives in
County Antrim
Belfast Coat of Arms (Partial).svgThis user lives in Belfast.
Black pan with stir-fried vegetables (broccoli, onion, red pepper).jpgThis user enjoys cooking.
Soy-whey-protein-diet.jpgThis user is NOT a vegan or vegetarian, but respects and accomodates those that are.
Dinnermealicon.JPG This user is an omnivore.
Banana.arp.750pix.jpg This user loves fruit.
Swiss cheese cubes.jpgThis user eats cheese.
Tomme de Savoie.jpgThis user is obsessed with
French fries juliane kr r.svgThis user loves to eat fries, or chips.
Cornish pasty.jpegThis user likes a 'proper' Pasty.
Borscht.jpgThis user likes to eat
HK CWB 香港怡東酒店 Excelsior Hotel buffet 龍蝦仔 Seafoods 淡菜 Dried Mussel 三文魚 Salmon Dec-2011.jpgThis user enjoys seafood dishes.
Salmon sushi.jpgThis user loves to eat sushi.
Salami aka.jpgThis user loves Salami, especially Saucisson sec.
MRThis user enjoys their steak Medium rare.
Tomato on its stem.jpgThis user loves Tomatoes
Tomato on its stem.jpgThis user believes that a tomato is biologically a fruit, but socially a vegetable.
Palatina.jpgThis user prefers green grapes over red grapes.
Lemon.jpgThis user likes Lemons.
☢This user enjoys limes AND all things limey.
Avocado.jpegThis user loves to eat avocados.
Spaghetti.jpgThis user loves pasta.
Brussels sprout closeup.jpgThis user eats Brussels Sprouts.
Salatteller.JPGThis user eats salad.
Pote asturiano - 34.jpgThis user enjoys eating soups.
Salmon sushi cut.jpg This user eats sushi.
Biltong thumb.jpgThis user eats biltong.
Salami aka.jpgThis user loves Salami, especially Saucisson sec.
Jellybeans.pngThis user enjoys jelly beans.
Cassoulet.cuit.jpgThis user enjoys French cooking.
GreekSalad.jpgThis user likes to eat
Greek cuisine
Tomatoes-on-the-bush.jpgThis user loves
Italian cuisine
French fries juliane kr r.svgThis user eats at McDonald's
Wasserhahn.jpg This user drinks tap water regularly.
S-1This user only drinks carbonated beverages on special occasions.
CachacaDivininha.jpgThis user drinks alcohol.
Pearl Milktea.jpgThis user drinks bubble tea.
Lapsang souchong tea.jpgThis user drinks Lapsang souchong tea.
Creme de menthe.jpg
This user drinks
Crème de menthe
Glass of white wine.pngThis user drinks white wine.
Glass of wine.pngThis user drinks red wine.
Granny smith apple.jpgThis user drinks cider.
Stout icon.gifThis user drinks
Tomato Juice.jpgThis user drinks tomato juice.
Rubik's cube.svgThis user doesn't know how to solve a Rubik's Cube.
Trivialpursuit Token.jpgThis user enjoys a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit.
CardsThis user enjoys playing card games.
Anglo-American card suits.pngThis user plays Canasta.
Anglo-American card suits.pngThis user enjoys playing FreeCell.
10 sided die.svgThis user wishes they could play Role-playing games.
CrosswordUSA.svg This user likes to do crossword puzzles.
Kakuro clue square.svg This user is a Kakuro addict
Snowdon from Llyn Llydaw.jpgThis user has climbed
Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) in Parc
Cenedlaethol Eryri
in Wales.
Stamp UK Penny Red pl148.jpgThis user is interested in philately.
√xUnionvox is/was a member of a competitive math team.
😔📚Unionvox is/was a member of a knowledge quizzing team.
Whitby Abbey North Yorkshire.jpgThis user has climbed the 199 steps in Whitby
MillaSagradaFamilia2005 01.jpgThis user has completed a 5K.
NoSport.svgLike Winston Churchill, this user is in good health because he doesn't practice any sport.

User:Keithgreer/User DOE Bronze

WikiProject Scouting campaign hat.svgThis user is a former member of the worldwide family of Scouts.
NYCDOT YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS.svgThis user enjoys walking
Cliffs at Alum Bay.JPG
This user likes walking by the
Asahiflex600.jpgThis user enjoys photography.
WLSThis user supports the Welsh Red Dragons rugby team.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svgThis user enjoys singing.
Music-triad.pngThis user can and does compose music.
Musical notes.svgThis user arranges existing music for other instruments.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svgThis user is a musician.
MUSThis user is an expert in Music.
choirThis user sings in a choir.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svgThis user sings soprano in a choir.
Mezzosoprano clef with note.svg
This user is an expert in
music theory.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user has relative pitch.
This user knows intermediate
chant theory.
Dowland First Booke of Ayres.gif
This user enjoys the lovely music of
John Dowland.
Jean-Philippe Rameau by Jean-Jacques Caffieri - 20080203-03.jpgThis user enjoys
the delightful music of Jean-Philippe Rameau.
Beethoven.jpgThis user enjoys music by
Ludwig van Beethoven.
Eugène Ferdinand Victor Delacroix 043.jpg
This user enjoys music by Frédéric Chopin.
Hector Berlioz (1857).gif This user is completely
Berlioz over Hector Berlioz
Tchaikovsky.jpgThis user loves Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
Dvorak.jpgThis user enjoys music by Antonín Dvořák.
This user has great respect for Dmitri Shostakovich.
Charles Bridge Hradcany.jpgThis user really likes Bedřich Smetana's Vltava.
RVW This user holds
Ralph Vaughan Williams
in high esteem
This user admires the works of
John Philip Sousa
Cello front side.pngThis user plays the cello.
🎸This user plays the guitar.
Steinway Schriftzug.jpgThis user plays the piano.
Recorder.jpgThis user plays the recorder.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user likes most types of music.
Clavecin flamand.pngThis user enjoys Baroque music.
Thomas Tallis.jpgThis user enjoys early music.
USA Massachusetts Boston Trinity Nativity-detail-1.jpgThis user enjoys sacred music.
Celticharp x44.pngThis user fancies Celtic music.
Hendrik ter Brugghen - De doedelzakspeler.jpg This user believes Bagpipes are
underused and underappreciated.

Bellis perennis white (aka).jpgThis user enjoys psychedelic rock.
Masterkeyboard.jpgThis user appreciates progressive rock.
Purple Moog (28261435).jpgThis user likes early electronic music
Masterkeyboard.jpgThis user enjoys electronic music.
Spinnin' Records logo.svgThis user enjoys EDM music
Ilovehouse.jpgThis user enjoys House music!
Gameboy.jpgThis user enjoys Chiptune music.
Gamepad.svgThis user enjoys computer and video game music outside gaming.
Music of the common peopleThis user enjoys folk music.
Moodswinger.jpgThis user enjoys experimental or avant-garde music.
60sThis user is a fan of Sixties music.

DiscoBall.jpgThis user likes disco music.
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgThis user enjoys British rock.
80sThis user rocks out to totally rad 80s new wave music.
CD autolev crop.jpgThis user enjoys ambient music.
Michelangelo's David - 63 grijswaarden.pngThis "user" listens to
The Fabs.JPGThis user is a fan of
The Beatles.
LSThis user's as free as a bird, now.
JTThis user is thick as a brick.
DarkSideOfTheMoon1973.jpgThis user is a fan of
Pink Floyd.
Who - 1975.jpgThis user is a fan of
The Who.
Kraftwerk K.gifThis user feels the synthetic pulse of Kraftwerk.
Syro street art.jpgThis user is a fan of
Aphex Twin.
Avicii logo.pngThis user is an Avicii fan.
Deadmau5.pngThis user is a deadmau5 fan.
Martin Garrix 2013.jpgThis user is a fan of Martin Garrix.
( )This user enjoys the music of
Sigur Rós.
MUSE This user is a fan of Muse.
daft punkThis user likes to work it to Daft Punk.
Simon and Garfunkel 1968.jpgThis user thinks that Simon and Garfunkel should be reunited
Ludovico Einaudi.jpgThis user thinks that Ludovico Einaudi's music is Fuori dal Mondo (out of this world).
Nobuo Uematsu.jpgThis user enjoys Nobuo Uematsu's music.
FancyThis user is Fancy.
Lana del rey - off to the races.jpgThis user has Summertime Sadness.
6G iPod.svgThis user has an iPod.
pno-3This user is an advanced pianist.
cel-3This user is an advanced cellist.
Guitar-2This user plays guitar at an intermediate level.
rec-2This user is an intermediate recorder player.
voc-3This user is an advanced vocalist.
Medieval-university.jpgThis user is a PhD student at university.
Oxon.This user is an Oxonian.Oxford University Coat Of Arms.svg
OXThis user studied at
The Queen's College, Oxford
BAThis user has a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Linguistics.
1stThis user has a first-class honours degree.
This user attends or attended the University of York.
Queen's University of Belfast, Lanyon building, May 2006.jpgThis user studies or studied at Queen's University Belfast.
Graduation hat.svgThis user is a graduate student in French.
Cgisf-tgg.svgThis user is a linguist.
LINGThis user is an expert in Linguistics.
[lɪŋ]This user's favourite subject is Linguistics.
1sexThis user went to a single sex secondary school.
Laurentius de Voltolina 001.jpgThis user is an aspiring academic.
AThis user received an A*-grade in French at A-level
AThis user received an A*-grade in Latin at A-level
AThis user received an A*-grade in Maths at A-level
AThis user received an A-grade in Music at A-level
5'6"This user is 5 feet, 6 inches tall
IWTF This user is skeptical of MBTI, regarding it as pseudoscience.
E5This user is an Enneagram Type 5
R This user is a Ravenclaw.
A blue eye.jpgThis user has blue eyes.

Right hand.png This user is right-handed.
Animal print T.jpgThis user has brown hair.
Green ribbon.svg This user has arranged for organ donation; have you?
Drawn heart.svg
This user has a heart condition.
NameThis user wants their name to be confidentialXXX
666 This user has 6 letters in each of his three names.
HYLThis user has Hyperlexia.
0This user has no children.


sibs-0This user is an only child on his/her mother's side.
Open book 01.svg This user enjoys reading anything.
Old bookshelves.jpgThis user's library contains over 400 books.
Books by maciekSz (1).jpgThis user prefers
George Orwell press photo.jpgThis user enjoys the works of George Orwell.
1984.pngBig Brother is watching this user.
This user adores the works of James Joyce and yes I said yes I will Yes.Revolutionary Joyce.jpg
Jane Austen coloured version.jpgThis user enjoys the works of
Jane Austen
Molière - Nicolas Mignard (1658).jpg
This user recognizes Molière as a master of comedy.
Vitrectomy3727-PH.jpgThis user thinks the book A Clockwork Orange is horrorshow.
Shakespeare.jpgThis user is a bardolater.
Open book 01.svgThis user enjoys heavy reading, such as Shakespeare and other dead guys.

This user enjoys reading plays.

P culture.svgThis user enjoys attending the theatre on a regular basis.
Open book 01.svgThis user enjoys reading poetry.
Shortstory.pngThis user enjoys reading short stories.
La divina commedia (1472).PNGThis user enjoys each of the 100 cantos of Dante's Divine Comedy
Quill and ink.svg
This user loves writing, but can hardly find the time to do so.
This user writes
fan fiction.
Asterix.svgThis user reads Asterix comics.
NewspaperThis user reads newspapers
Nuvola apps knewsticker.pngThis user is informed by The Guardian.
Er...This user is (cont. page 94)
Ted This user has visited Craggy Island.
Indies This user is a huge fan of small films.
Earth Western Hemisphere.jpg This user enjoys World cinema.
Gourds 410 J-730 (PSF).pngThis user follows both the gourd and the sandalSandal 2 (PSF).png
ArchersThis user has visited Ambridge.
ISIHACThis user is a fan of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.
3This user listens to Radio 3.
4This user listens to Radio 4.
This user has no television set.
Brain mechanism.svgThis user knows that the mainstream media is just a brainwashing tool.
F Good news, everyone! This user is a fan of Futurama!
d'oh!This user thinks The Simpsons is simply...excellent.
FLOWERY TWATSThis user has stayed at Fawlty Towers.
RDThis user is full of smeg.
QIThis user is Quite Interesting.
UCThis user watches University Challenge
6This user is not a number, and will not be stamped, indexed, filed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered.
$ ¥
€ £
This user believes that the profit motive makes network news reporting inaccurate and biased. Crystal128-tv.svg
newsThe only reality show this user watches is the news.
This user prefers to watch
his/her anime subbed.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svgThis user is a member on the English Wikipedia. (verify)
Not Admin.svgThis editor is not an administrator and does not wish to be one.
To Commons.svgThis user believes free images should be moved to the Commons.
Wikipedia-logo BW-hires.svgThis editor has decided to leave Wikipedia.
{{Wiki}}This user is just starting to learn to write in the MediaWiki language.
Public domainContent contributed by this user is released into the public domain.
This user is against advertisements on Wikipedia.
YOUThis user dies a little inside whenever s/he sees the word you in an article.
<ref>This user would like to see everyone using inline citations. Please...
WebCiteThis user believes in archiving sources to prevent link rot.
Square for locator maps.png This editor thinks that all articles should have an infobox.
Wikipedia-in-Sunglasses.pngThis user supports the right of anonymous users to edit Wikipedia.
AThis user has type A userboxitis.
Movicon2-crying.gifThis user sometimes or always feels useless on wikipedia.
~~~~Unionvox signs their posts and thinks you should too!
Crystal kthememgr.svgThis user's entire personality can be summed up in a few userboxes.
Crystal kthememgr.svgThis user thinks userboxes should be on every site.
Crystal Clear app kcmdf.pngThis user likes to use redundant userboxes that are redundant.
ubx-5This user uses entirely too many userboxes.
ubx-nThis user communicates exclusively via userboxes.
Crystal kthememgr.svgThis user wants to see uniform userbox sizes and shapes.
CatThis user believe userboxes should have categories.
Synthese+.svgThis user feels that all userboxes should be colorful and appealing.