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PsyStarcraft (Commentator)

Derrick "Psy" Anderson
Born Derrick Anderson
1987 (age 29–30)
Nationality USA
Occupation StarCraft II Caster
Known for Electronic sports commentator

Derrick Anderson,[1] also known by his internet username Psy or PsyStarcraft, is a Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty player and commentator. While he has chosen not to be a professional Starcraft 2 gamer by electronic sports definitions, he is consistently ranked in the top 2% of active players and has attracted over 7,500 followers and more than 1,200,000 views on his video stream alone where he plays and narrates in unison[2][3]. Like most casters, many of Psy's casts are distributed through his YouTube channel, which as of January 2012 has more than 149,000 subscribers and tops 13,500,000 views.[4] As of January 2012 Psy lives with his brother, Chapin Anderson, who also plays and casts Starcraft 2 in similar fashion and is featured in many of Psy's videos along with their deaf cat, Issac.[5]


[I make] Starcraft 2 commentaries that intend to teach, inform, and entertain the community. Starcraft is growing as an E-sport. I hope to accelerate that growth by appealing to those who are familiar or unfamiliar with the competitive gaming scene.
—Psy about his YouTube channel[4]

Psy's career as a Starcraft 2 commentator began in March 2010 when he started casting his own games that he had played. From the outset of his YouTube Channel, Psy's commentaries have been mixed between instructional videos about how to play Starcraft, casting game replays of himself as well as pro gamers, and live casts of games as he is playing them.[4]

Near the beginning of Psy's YouTube channel when there were ~200 followers, HuskyStarcraft--a popular Starcraft 2 commentator--began featuring Psy on his own channel and recommending Psy as another source of commentaries to his viewers. This attracted many new viewers to Psy's channel and brought around 1,300 new followers to his channel.[6] Soon after meeting, Husky and Psy realized that they were both Oregonians and started talking more often, leading into video series between the two such as PsyberianHusky and eventually prompting Psy to join The Game Station in August 2010.[1][7]

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