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Ponnar Shankar
Directed by Thyagarajan
Produced by Thyagarajan
Written by M. Karunanidhi
Starring Prashanth
Country India
Language Tamil

Ponnar Shankar (Tamil: எந்திரன்) is a forthcoming Tamil–language epic film being directed by Thyagarajan, who also produces the venture. The film, which has been under pre-production since 2007,[1] is based on a 1978 novel of the same name written by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, M. Karunanidhi, who based his novel on a legendary story of two warrior brothers who lived many centuries ago.[2] The film is expected to be amongst the grandest film ever made in the Chennai film industry.




The preliminary stages of the production took nearly two years, with storyboarding, costume designs and colossal set designs all being finalized. The filming of the venture is beginning on July 12, 2009, at Valluvar Kottam. The first leg of shooting which is being planned has a huge star cast.[3]