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Where to start, where to start.[edit]

I'm 57 years old, married, 3 kids, 3 cats, and 2 dogs. My interests are eclectic. I like:

Good food Hockey (Maple Leafs forever! I probably shouldn't mention that while I still played I made the Hansen Brothers look tame)
Computers (There's more silicon life forms in this house than carbon ones)
Forklifts and other types of off-road equipment (I spent 20 years in the industry)
Engines (an outgrowth of my time in the off-road equipment industry)
Science Fiction & Fantasy (I'll argue author/plot/charcter/setting at the drop of a hat)
Filk (helped found a convention, and still help run it)
Guitar (I play filk, folk, & rock music badly)
Mystery stories (man can Dashiel Hammett write!)
Cats (cute and furry - what can you say)
Dogs (my first four books were dedicated to Sammy, my Beagle who died in June of 2011)
Rats (for those who've never kept rats - they are inquisitive, and very affectionate)
Chess (I prefer playing without a board)
Star Fleet Battles (the most complicated board game in existance)
Dungeons and Dragons (prefer AD&D first edition - better flavour to the game)
Songwriting (I write filk and folk songs)
Writing (I write a variety of non-fiction)

I worked Torcon 3 in the Filk track, try to get to at least two Science Fiction conventions per year, have been lucky enough to meet Larry Niven, Mike Resnick, Ben Bova, Hal Clement, Fred Pohl, Roger Zelazny, David Brin, Orson Scott Card, Alexie Gilliand (not sure I've spelled his name right, but real nice guy), Kelly Freas, Harlan Ellison and Phil Farmer.

I live in Cobalt, Ontario which claims to be Ontario's most Historic Town.

I used to sell and design Emission Control products (catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters) for a living, until my body fell apart, and qualify as an expert in the field. This means that I know exactly where to find the references for almost anything related to emissions control devices, and if I can't find it, I probably know someone who does, as I still have a lot of contacts in the field. I'm also an expert in internal combustion engines (Otto and Diesel cycle), Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Filk.

I'm also a writer. If you like being scared, check out the What Scares the Boogey Man? anthology (link is to Amazon, it is also available from Barnes and Noble).

Future pages to add

Here's a poem written about poor little Sam by the Poet Laureate of the Temiskaming District, Ann Margetson. Ann knew Sam quite well. Sam liked Ann, because she was a sucker for sad brown eyes, and could be counted on to drop him bits of meat. Sam was somewhat mercenary in his likes.


Sam was a beagle as handsome
as a beagle dog could be,
And every time he looked at me I fell
in love completely.
Those great big brown eyes used to say
“I’m dumb I know I am,
But love me anyway.”
His wagging tail and those long ears on
my heart did always pray,
He often got underfoot and his long ears
would flop about
He seemed to say when he looked around
“I am stupid, no doubt,
But love me anyway.”
“I know I could have done better when
on my leash, but Oh
I tried my very best but I truly
and really know,
I am a silly clumsy beagle dog,
and most of the big sofa I used to
love to hog
but love me anyway.”
“I know I wanted to go out at
the strangest hours
and I’d back away from the doors if
there were rainy showers
So I know I am odd
But love me anyway.
“ I must have caused you to have a lot of
hurt and pain
When I escaped and died but I know
we will all meet again.
Because you loved me anyway.”
I am sorry, love Sam.