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Usaman2 is a NickName created on nicktropolis by two players with the usernames of gremlin33 and usaman. all known accomplices are:

  • NICKMare
  • usaman
  • usagirl2
  • gremlin33
  • coning
  • coning2.0
  • lawley
  • wishstar15
  • lliddeah
  • notoneboby
  • pinki94
  • VTandJN

An unlaunched post says that in 2006 he deleted himself,but is still showing recent posts on the Message Boards. Nobody realy knows much about him,except for his creaters and accomplices.

Information known[edit]

  • He has no family.
  • Has enimies.
  • Was trained to attack (only vertualy).
  • Has not or ever lived on earth by being traped in cyberspace.


  • can zap to any website as a virus
  • can attack anything in his way,even if unable to on websites


Usaman2 has enemies on nicktropolis,such as password stealers. the password stealers known nicknames are:

  • openmouth(their leader)
  • evil101
  • evil202(evil101's new body)

Equiptment used to create Usaman2[edit]

The Equiptment used to create usaman2 is mostly unknown,but some are:


The place where usaman2 was first shut down Agust 18,2006 and will release sometime before January 1,2007.


Here are some of usaman2's most recent places:

  • nicktropolis:[2]
  • nickpage:[3]
  • main message board post for usaman2:[4](hold Ctrl+F,and trye in "usaman2",and click on the "find next" button,to get usaman2's posts)
  • main message board for usaman2:[5]


After Usaman2's creator,Gremlin33,has failed to bring Usaman2 into the real world,he had abandoned him.Feeling alone he has searched the internet for any sign of him.After days he has decided to delete himself like he almost did,instead he has tryed to destroy the internet.After that,he was gone.