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User:Usfirstgov or simply Usfirstgov (acronym for Ulysses Firstbrook Govender) is the screen name, user name or nickname of one of the 15.5 million Wikipedians who write and edit pages on Wikipedia. Usfirstgov first joined Wikipedia on October 15, 2006 and made his first contribution on January 2nd, 2007. Since then, Usfirstgov has maintained a presence on Wikipedia either as a visitor seeking information, as an spectator reading other users' comments, suggestions, rants or enforcement of the law (in the case of Administrators), or as a Wikipedian seeking to contribute to the Wikipedia effort.

Early life[edit]

Usfirstgov was born on Yahoo! on November 18, 2003 as an email account, since then it has appeared on several other webmail providers such as Hotmail and Gmail. Usfirstgov is based in San Diego, California and also maintains presence in Tijuana, Mexico and Central America.

Role on Wikipedia[edit]

Usfirstgov is nowhere close to being a full-time Wikipedia contributor or even a regular; however, he is nonetheless a supporter of the Wikipedia effort and hopes to contribute whenever time and his knowledge permit. He has also donated to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Alter ego[edit]

Usfirstgov's alter ego is the person behind the username. This person is Usfirstgov's creator although Usfirstgov begs to differ, citing it was him who created his alter ego, the person.