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Under Some Pressure Now? I registered on Wikipedia because I've been using this excellent encyclopedia, but every now and then I visit pages with photos that I am confident I could have done better myself. Since I travel rather a lot, I have the opportunity to photograph many different things and places, and as I do so, I add photographs to articles that I think will benefit from it.

I'm also an eager manual spell checker. #8D)

I'm the author of the travel book "One for the Road". It's free, check it out!

I have a personal homepage with several travel journals at .

Also, I maintain a collection of my photos at .

Thank you for visiting!


Countries visited:
Botswana Cape Verde Egypt The Gambia Kenya Lesotho Morocco Mozambique Namibia Senegal Seychelles South Africa Swaziland Tanzania Tunisia Western Sahara Zambia Zimbabwe
Argentina Belize Bolivia Brazil Chile Guatemala Mexico Paraguay Peru United States Uruguay
Cambodia China India Indonesia Iran Jordan Laos Malaysia Myanmar Nepal North Korea Qatar Russia Singapore Thailand Turkey Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates Vietnam
Australia Fiji New Zealand
Austria Belgium Croatia Cyprus Denmark England Finland France Germany Hungary Iceland Republic of Ireland Italy Luxembourg Malta Moldova Monaco Netherlands Northern Ireland Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Scotland Slovakia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom Vatican City Wales

And probably a few more...