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These are birds I've seen in the wild in my travels. So far, all are in the Superorder Neognathae.

Order Anseriformes[edit]

Order Galliformes[edit]

Order Columbiformes[edit]

Order Phaethontiformes[edit]

Order Apodiformes[edit]

Order Caprimulgiformes[edit]

Order Cuculiformes[edit]

Order Gruiformes[edit]

Order Gaviiformes[edit]

Order Procellariiformes[edit]

Order Pelecaniformes[edit]

Order Suliformes[edit]

Order Charadriiformes[edit]

Order Accipitriformes[edit]

Order Strigiformes[edit]

Order Piciformes[edit]

Order Psittaciformes[edit]

Order Passeriformes[edit]