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Hi, I'm Rita. The username Uxbona comes from an ancient name for Lisbon. That's where I live and work as a copywriter. I registered in Wikipedia in December 2008, after a while researching on history. It as since became a habit, a pleasurable - and, I hope, a helpful- variation.

I seek clear informative articles grounded on verifiable references. To that end, I fight weasel words wherever I find it, and dig worthy references whenever I can. In two years I've made 2944 editions in 7 projects, including translating to, and from, the Portuguese Wikipedia.

Exploration and Portuguese history have been the main interests. Traveling with European explorers through history - mainly Portuguese countrymen- I've reached the Indian Ocean, and now explore the Portuguese history in these shores.

Some articles I have worked on[edit]

Articles created[edit]

Saint Paul's College, Goa • António Galvão • Mateus (Ethiopia) • António_Rodrigo Pinto da Silva • Gaspar Correia • Álvaro Velho • Gaspar da Gama • Malik Ayyaz • Treaty of Zaragoza • Eudoxia Laskarina • George Mouzalon • Vataça Lascaris • António de Gouveia • Diogo de Gouveia • André de Gouveia

Graphics I have developed[edit]

My shared pictures[edit]

As an amateur photographer, I'm pleased to share some pictures at commons. You can see more on gallery

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