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Nuvola apps date.png Personal Information
Hi, I am Uzair Sajid, better known as  UzEE . I am a 23 year old computer engineer from Lahore, Pakistan. I did my Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Bahria University, Islamabad. I am a blogger and contribute to various blogs in the blogosphere. I am also a devoted gamer and love to play games. I have gamed on everything from NES and the Mega Drive to the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Dreamcast, XBOX, PlayStation 2 and GameBoy Advance. I have also been actively using PCs since 1992. I like animie (Dragon Ball Z) and TV shows (Lost, Dexter, Smallville, Fringe etc) among many other things. My favorite gaming franchises include Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Halo and Metal Gear. I mostly play Counter Strike and Left 4 Dead online, but sometimes also enjoy a good game of Age of Empires.
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The following users are in my contact list. Sign your name if you wish to join.

  1. HuMaYuN (TalkContribs)
  2. Keilana(recall)
  3. brewcrewer (yada, yada)
  4. TomasBat
  5. asenine say what?
  6. TalhaDiscuss ©
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Committed identity: c25d556137423bce1fd889c9726263c0a2a0e07482847220eaf48a64240d909387665cff36e24ee7efa754f89cf1a7943c6361277d4e90009fdb11f41cdff0fb is a SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.