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Description miRBase is the searchable microRNA database, a central repository of published microRNA sequences and annotation.
Data types captured microRNA annotations
Organisms All
Research center University of Manchester
Laboratory Faculty of Life Sciences
Authors Ana Kozomara
Primary citation Kozomara & al. (2011)[1]
Release date 2011
Data format FASTA, GFF, EMBL
Website or via FTP
Download URL
Versioning yes
Data release frequency semi-annually
Version 17

The miRBase database is an archive of microRNA sequences.[1][2][3][4][5] As of September 2010 miRBase (release 16) contains over 15 ,000 microRNA loci and over 17, 000 distinct mature sequences, from 142 species.[1] The miRBase registry provides a centralised system for assigning new names to microRNA genes.[6]

miRBase grew from the microRNA registry resource set up by Sam Griffiths-Jones in 2003.[7]


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