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Description miRBase is the searchable microRNA database, a central repository of published microRNA sequences and annotation.
Data types
microRNA annotations
Organisms All
Research center University of Manchester
Laboratory Faculty of Life Sciences
Authors Ana Kozomara
Primary citation Kozomara & al. (2011)[1]
Release date 2011
Data format FASTA, GFF, EMBL
Website or via FTP
Download URL
Versioning yes
Data release
Version 17

The miRBase database is an archive of microRNA sequences.[1][2][3][4][5] As of September 2010 miRBase (release 16) contains over 15 ,000 microRNA loci and over 17, 000 distinct mature sequences, from 142 species.[1] The miRBase registry provides a centralised system for assigning new names to microRNA genes.[6]

miRBase grew from the microRNA registry resource set up by Sam Griffiths-Jones in 2003.[7]


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