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Single-line display
Expanded with the handle to the right of the display
Expanded "temporarily"

Message Display (msgDisplay.js) is a script that can be used by other scripts to display messages to the MediaWiki user. Each of these tools should have its own documentation. This documentation is only for the display itself.

You can resize the display to make it display more than a single line at a time in two ways:

  • temporarily - by double clicking anywhere within the display or by dragging the bottom edge of the display (The second way doesn't always work in Internet Explorer). This way of resizing hides parts of the page under the display. Double clicking the display while it is temporarily expanded collapses it back and returns focus to the textarea.
  • semi-permanently (until you leave the page) - by dragging the resize handle on the right of the display. This method moves the rest of the page down.

You can set the size of the display by editing your common.js file. See Customizing below.

While the display has the keyboard focus, you can type several characters-commands: with ^ or Shift+Esc you can remove the display, ! acts like double click (described above), and ` (grave accent) collapses the display if it is temporarily expanded.

Internet Explorer - There are several problems that I noticed with (version 10 of) this browser:

  • Sometimes you can't resize the display by dragging the bottom edge - the handle is not there (sometimes you can find it only at the right side of the display).
  • The menu at the bottom right (WMF-Agora-Settings BCBCBC.svg) disappears
  • You may see the entire page flashing when/if the script focuses an element within the display (that's because IE scrolls the page to some position when focusing, and then Message Display cancels that by returning you to the previous scroll position).


  • WMF-Agora-Settings BCBCBC.svg - Pointing at this icon at the bottom right corner of the display opens a menu with several other icons
  • Icon Arrow Up 26x26.png - [^] - Scroll back to the top of the display
  • Approve icon.svg - [_] - collapses the screen if it was temporarily expanded.
  • Blue Question.svg - [?] - Open this help page in a new window/tab
  • Button hover.svg - [X] - Remove the display from the page


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