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Who is Rarity?[edit]

Hello. I am Rarity. I valiantly prowl the Recent changes page, looking for vandals to warn and new users to welcome.

I've looked back at some of my posts on user talk pages, and realised something: a lot of my (non-TW) warnings seem a bit cold and ruthless. Yes, I can be like that, but it is not my intention to. So if you think that i'm lecturing you on your talk page, remember that I don't want to lecture, and I only mean the best.

But if you do get me mad (and that's very hard), I am known to let out a tiny swear...alright, some swears. FINE FINE, I GO NUCLEAR F-BOMB! F**K S**T FOR F**KS SAKE GOD F**KING DAMN IT. (I'm not really known for taking myself seriously either!) 010010010110011000100000011110010110111101110101001000000110001101100001011011100010000001110010011001010110000101100100001000000111010001101000011010010111001100101100001000000100100100100000011011000110111101110110011001010010000001111001011011110111010100101110

Signature and Pages[edit]

-Rarity (Wiki Wrap-Up, Wiki Wrap-Up!~) 13:37, 31 December 2011 (UTC)

PERSONAL SANDBOX: Probably only formatting going on in this page.

PRAISE PAGE: You know you want to add praise.

USERBOX PAGE: My userboxen.

SERVICE AWARD PAGE: Take a gander at these little beauties.

My WikiHistory[edit]

I joined Wikipedia in October 2007, under a different account, and well...a lot of my posts back then were shit. I'm not linking my old page because I don't want to be taunted on my shit edits. In August (I think) 2010, I lost the password to my old account and I had a different email, so there was no way of recovering it. I started up this account, and asked an old friend of mine (you know who you are) to enable TW on this account. He did, and now i've been welcoming new users and reverting vandal edits sporadically.

Other info[edit]

FAV SONG: Lousy Reputation - We Are Scientists


FAV MOVIE: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

FAV DRINK: Monster Energy

FAV FOOD: Jaffa Cakes


COMEDIC TASTE: Dark humor and political satire (essentially, Frankie Boyle type things)