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Firefox CSS hacks I use to remove some of the skinning of Wikipedia and other Media Wiki sites: It retains the browser’s default font, and also removes the giant left-hand margin.

Quick reference[edit]

  • {{fullurl:title|oldid=revision&diff&. . .}}
  • mw:Manual:Parameters to index.php
    • title
    • oldid=revision
    • diff=prev
    • action=edit
      • editintro=title
      • section=0 / 1 / . . .
      • section=new
        • preload=title
        • preloadtitle
  • {{cite}}:
    • last(1–9), first(1–9); editor; author(2–9)- and editor-link
    • date (authorship when publication-date also given); edition=ordinal
    • title (book, article)
    • chapter or contribution; page, pages or at
    • journal, periodical, newspaper, magazine, or work; series; volume; issue
    • publisher; place or location (authorship when publication-place also given)
    • language
    • id, isbn, issn, doi, oclc, pmid, pmc, bibcode
    • url; accessdate; format; archiveurl and archivedate
  • Wikipedia:Citation templates#Examples
    • {{cite encyclopedia|last(''n'')=|first(''n'')=|author(''n'')=|editor(''n'')-first=|editor(''n'')-last=|year=|article=|encyclopedia=|series=|publisher=|…}}
    • {{Cite web|last=|first=|author(''n'')=|date=|title=|url=|work=|publisher=|accessdate=}}
  • Template:Hatnote templates documentation: {{Other uses}} {{For}} {{About}}
  • {{diff|diff=''revision''|label=<span class="plainlinks">[// ''Main Page'' diff 589841]</span>}}
  • {{oldid|oldid=''revision''|label=<span class="plainlinks">[// ''Main Page'' revision 589841]</span>}}
  • Wikipedia:Layout: hat notes; maintenance; lead; body; see also; references; further reading; categories; inter-language
  • {{smallcaps|<span class="smallcaps" style="font-variant:small-caps;">Lower-case Capitals</span>}} {{sc|<span class="smallcaps">LOWER-CASE CAPITALS|<span style="font-variant: small-caps; text-transform: lowercase;">SMALL AND UPPER-CASE</span></span>|. . .}}

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