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Holding a M.Sc. in Computing Science, I work as System Manager and Technical Product Manger within IT. I am also in the midst of my Ph.D. studies in history.

My path down the history studies began during my first years on the Computing Science Program at Uppsala University, when Mosaic was the only available browser and webcrawler the only search engine (1994, suddenly sounds like the Middle Ages). Quite soon after finding and reading a lots of Armenian pages, I got tired of the same repetitive contents bout Armenia, the Armenian Genocide, Karabakh etc. which all were without any deeper substance or concrete sources and references, confirming the stated information. Then, I started gathering information and translating academic research and books which became the start of Today, it contains over 500 pages of text regarding the Armenian history (Swedish and English), covering the period between 1,000 B.C. to 2004, complete with maps, references, etc. Since the inauguration in March 2005, we have also expanded the site with a multimedia section, a new collection section containing complete information and images about Armenian churches, monasteries, monuments and other historical sites, old manuscripts, historical maps etc. I am responsible for the editorial and the contents, while my friend and co-worker Sevan Amirians is the genius behind the graphical design and the layout, as well as a good portion of all the creative ideas which we constantly try to realize through Armenica.

In 2006 I chose to make something official of my work with Armenica, and started studying history at Uppsala University, while continuing my ordinary computer related work. I received my master degree in history in 2008. My master thesis was about the Swedish knowledge of the ongoing Armenian massacres in the Ottoman Empire and the research indicated a rich Swedish knowledge regarding the ongoing annihilation through reports to the Swedish Foreign Ministry as well as the General Head Quarters in Stockholm. The master thesis paper is available for downloading at

The following are the sites which we have designed and maintain as part of the project:

What I do at Wikipedia[edit]

My contributions to the Swedish and the English versions are almost exclusively about issues concerning Armenia and the Armenian Genocide, but they also include links about Armenian churches and monuments about which we have information online on Armenica.