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Valenciano/Berlin Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain - Prenzlauer Berg East
Cabo Machichaco en el muelle.PNG
The steamer Cabo Machichaco, docked at the pier, during the fire in Santander, Spain
Date 3 November 1893 (1893-11-03)
Time 14.00
Location Santander, Cantabria, Spain
Coordinates 43°27′31″N 3°48′24″W / 43.45861°N 3.80667°W / 43.45861; -3.80667Coordinates: 43°27′31″N 3°48′24″W / 43.45861°N 3.80667°W / 43.45861; -3.80667
Cause Explosion and fire following a dynamite explosion
Outcome 590 dead
Non-fatal injuries 2,000

The Cabo Machichaco was a steamship built in 1882 in Newcastle upon Tyne. [1] Originally called Benisaf, the ship was renamed in 1886 when the Ybarra company acquired the vessel. It was then used as a commercial ship between Bilbao and Seville with the first port of call being Santander. On 3 November 1883, dynamite that the ship was transporting exploded while the ship was in Santander port, resulting in 590 deaths and over 2,000 injuries.


The Benisaf was built in 1882.[1] It had a length of 78.8 metres, a width of 10.2 meters and a depth of 5.9 meters.[1] The Gross register tonnage and a Deadweight tonnage of 2,500 tonnes.[1] The Compound engine drove a propeller and was developed by R & W Hawthorn & Co. Ltd. The engine power was 200 nominal horsepower. The ship was built in Schlesinger Davis & Co in Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne with the the yard number 121. It was launched in January 1882.

The disaster[edit]

Shortly before the tragedy, he ship was quarantined in Pedrosa Lazaretto due to several cases of cholera in Bilbao.[2] On 3 November 1983, it was docked at the outgoing quay number 2 of Maliaño, located in front of the current Calderón de la Barca street.[2] Among other goods on the ship, such as flour and steel, it also carried several bottles of sulphuric acid on deck and a little more than 51 tonnes of dynamite, which were not recorded by port authorities.[3]


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