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Theory of computation
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Theory of computation[edit]

Turing machine
Universal Turing machine
Church–Turing thesis
Von Neumann architecture
Neural network
Finite-state automata
Abstract machine
Automata theory
Linear bounded automaton
Pushdown automaton
Finite-state machine
Deterministic finite-state machine
DFA minimization
Nondeterministic finite-state machine
Formal language
Powerset construction
Myhill–Nerode theorem
Two-way deterministic finite automaton
Regular expressions & languages
Kleene star
De Morgan's laws
Pumping lemma
Pumping lemma for regular languages
Regular expression
Regular language
Star-free language
Decision problem
Decision problem
Halting problem
Formal grammar
Terminal and nonterminal symbols
Chomsky hierarchy
Context-sensitive grammar
Context-free grammar
Concrete syntax tree
Backus–Naur Form
Chomsky normal form
Greibach normal form
Pumping lemma for context-free languages
CYK algorithm
Top-down parsing
Bottom-up parsing
Polish notation
Computability Theory
Turing completeness
Busy beaver
Recursive & nonrecursive functions
Primitive recursive function
Partial function
Μ operator
Pairing function
Gödel numbering
Ackermann function
Sudan function
Recursive & r.e sets
Recursive set
Recursively enumerable set
Smn theorem
Rice's theorem
Kleene's T predicate
Post–Turing machine
Non-deterministic Turing machine
Semi-Thue systems & word problem
Semi-Thue system
Post canonical system
Phrase structure grammar
Post correspondence problem
Diophantine equations & lamdba calculus
Hilbert's tenth problem
Diophantine equation
Diophantine set
Lambda calculus
Blum axioms
Gap theorem
Blum's speedup theorem
P versus NP problem
Cobham's thesis
Polynomial-time reduction
Cook–Levin theorem