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The Earth nourishes life, and its churning oceans allowed complex molecules to form the first DNA.
The Earth nourishes life, and its churning oceans allowed complex molecules to form the first DNA.

Nature: the wonderous glory for us to marvel, explore, strive to understand and enjoy.

Hi! I am Don Valich. My research interests are vertebrate paleontology, paleogeology, paleoecology, phylogenetics, and "origin of life" topics. Within the field of paleontology my primary focus is on the evolution of terrestrial mammals, with particular interest in the evolutionary lineages of the Cynodonts, Miacoidea, Creodonts, and all early Carnivora. I welcome any interests in these fields, especially Canidae (dog evolution), and any challenging questions or research assignments. I also have interests in researching the evolution of continental crusts and early land masses, and the accretion events that formed early supercontinents, such as the Wyoming Craton and the North American continent.

If I make a mistake on any article, please correct it. I would really appreciate it. All constructive comments, questions and insightful posts are very welcome.

The theory of evolution is the central unifying paradigm of all biology - Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution [1].

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My favorite animal is the Norwegian Elkhound !

Meet "Kodi" - the friendliest, gentle, a bit shy, but most loveable Elkhound that ever existed! Super with children and always ready to give kisses! Her motto: "I love the attention, I love little children, and I live to be petted by everyone."

Norwegian Elkhound (female).JPG
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