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Lichtenstein Castle (Württemberg) Ludwigsburg Palace Big Bertha
Schloss Favorite Ludwigsburg 2017 01.jpg

Hello, traveler. Are you lost?

I'm Vami_IV, Coordinator of WikiProject Germany and enthusiast for winter environs. My areas of interest are architecture and history in Europe and Latin America.

As a Wikipedia editor, I understand that my goal is the destruction of my purpose.

Schloss Favorite, by Julian Herzog

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Women in Red[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red/The World Contest/Missing articles/Latin America and the Caribbean

My copypastas[edit]

===Opening statement===
In reviews I conduct, I may make small copyedits. These will only be limited to spelling and punctuation (removal of double spaces and such). I will ''only'' make substantive edits that change the flow and structure of the prose if I previously suggested and it is necessary. For replying to Reviewer comment, please use {{Done}}, {{Fixed}}, {{Added}}, {{Not Done}}, {{Doing}}, or {{Removed}}, followed by any comment you'd like to make. I will be crossing out my comments as they are redressed, and only mine. A detailed, section-by-section review will follow. —~~~~

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WikiProject Germany Coordinator
[[User:Vami_IV|<span style="background:black; color:gold; padding:2px;">'''Vami'''</span>]][[Wikipedia:WikiProject Germany|<span style="background:#ED1C24; color:white; padding:3px;">♜</span>]][[User talk:Vami_IV|<span style="background:gold; color:black; padding:2px;">'''_IV♠'''</span>]]