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Areas I most often edit as of 2012: rpg (tabletop aka pen and paper) law computer history/obsolete technology music, particularly punk or goth

Resources and Links[edit]

2013 Note to self: update this and see how (IF?) page merges work now.

  • Multi Page Move Request template 2010 name the section requested move; put it on the talk page of the current1 article where the discussion is to take place and it will propagate to the project page automatically

curvybracket curvybracket subst:move-multi | current1 = Current title of page 1 | new1 = New title for page 1 | current2 = Current title of page 2 | new2 = New title for page 2 | current3 = Current title for page 3 | new3 = New title for page 3 | reason = A short reason for page name change. Do not sign this. endbracket endbracket

To Do List[edit]

  • Bauhaus (band) article has been plagued by removal of facts and unsourced opinion statements. It needs: reorganization, reversion/addition of facts that were deleted, citation to references. The reorganization should include new sections about literary and other cultural allusions, side projects, and movie references.
  • Edit Indie rpg page with references to more sources and for content.
  • Add Northcoast View article on Mr. Bungle as reference to Mr. Bungle article

*DunDraCon has been flagged, need to cite third party sources. Done, but need SCA citations added in, need to get them from SCA liason.

  • New York historical
  • Tibet books in English- add citations to articles about Tibet
  • Dead Kennedys page is creeping into pov again. Should clean up at least section on obscenity trial to make THAT non pov/neutral.
  • Add citations to more Indigenous pages
  • Update Free RPG Day article with 2010 info. List of new info found here hopefully:

  • Article to create
Workplace Partiy as a concept of Affirmative Action programs; need to add link after creation to Racial quotas or incorporate it into the racial quotas page. Racial quotas is currently tagged as NPOV; this may help by presenting an alternative POV. Need to find published sources that discuss it, probably law reviews will work.


Electronic Voting: Need published cite to ease of corruption test on Diebold systems by UC Davis computing team.


Human Trafficing Cites

Web lists link etc (NON ENGLISH)

Some random facts about me relevant to Wikipedia[edit]

I used to have fun editing articles, but the civility seems to have gone out the window. I'm not sure when that happened. It's NO FUN spending hours sorting out the new policies only to have them ignored. --Vampyrecat (talk) 02:00, 11 September 2013 (UTC)

I think all articles concerning future projects should be either DELETED or MERGED. If an author/writer/director/actor/musician has a project slated to be published/released in the future, it MIGHT rate a mention on the main article. Giving a future project a separate article is unwarranted, and it is misleading. Let's say Wikieditor Deluxe is planning to write a book called "Wikieditor's guide to Wikipedia advertising and winning at politics." Yay, let's make an article, right? Wrong! If Wikieditor Deluxe had its own article, its planned future project MIGHT warrant a blip on its main article. Once Wikieditor Deluxe actually publish the book, the book might get its own article. The name probably would have changed by then anyway, to "Wikieditor Deluxe's failed attempts to use Wikipedia for advertising."

I have a library in my house that includes hard to find and out of print books. I would like to add citations to articles from my library. As of 2010, most Wikipedia articles are in need of better documentation/referencing/citation. I have noticed that it is much easier to cite web sources while editing for obvious reasons (e.g. cut-and-paste, google).

I am particularly interested in indigenous culture preservation, language and linguistics, pen and paper roleplaying games (aka tabletop roleplaying games), punk rock and ska, law and legal theories, sociology, technology, applied science, astronomy, botany, history, and architecture. I am more likely to edit articles in these topic areas because it is easier to write coherently about topics I am familiar with.

I think it is less awkward to end a sentence with a preposition than to wrap written speech into convoluted structures to avoid it.

I don't see the point in preserving the further/farther distinction.

I have very strong opinions, but I try to qualify my public assertions to signal my openness to discussion.

I can understand French fairly well, but my spelling is atrocious. Two primary factors contribute to my inability to write in French: French is rife with homophones and I have never devoted the time needed to learning written French. I usually use bablefish to help with spelling when I write in French.

Updated Work in Progress: Free RPG Day[edit]

Article speedily deleted... Here are some links to use if it ever comes back (it needed updating anyway, but still, it was a bit rude...) Article compares and contrasts FCBD and FRPGD, explains value of FRPGD as an event, discusses how the events each operate and how to participate. Author: Timothy Callahan (Columnist/Reviewer) Column: When Worlds Collide Date: Monday 06/17/2013 Title: WHEN WORDS COLLIDE: Celebrating Free RPG Day Publication: Comic Book Resources (Established 1995) [1] Article notes start year of FRPG D as 2007 and indicates 2013 date in a Chicago Tribune community subsite. [2] Lists games included in 2013 event.. [3] German Gratisrollenspieltag list (Event was Sat. Feb 2 2013) Television Station in Florida... online coverage of FRPGD [4]

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