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I'm not sure that this is what I was looking for.

I'm trying to create an article on/of the King Island Football Association. But am having difficulty in getting the few references that I can find to correctly render.

There is also a paucity of written material from which I can reference.

The King Island Football Association [1] is is an Australian rules Football competition on King Island.

The Association[edit]

There are three clubs, which put two teams - a seniors and a juniors (under 16s) - on the paddock each week. There is also a mini-league match played each weekend of the season - these teams are created - on the day - of any available boy or girl under the age of 6.

The present team of the Grassy Hawks, is the result of a 1967? merger of the Mount Stanly and Grassy football clubs.

With the closure of the scheelite mine at Grassy in 1991? and the subsequent loss of approximately 1000 people from the island's population, placed a great strain on the continuing viability of the association and on many occasions it looked as if it might fold as had the - four? team - King Island Cricket Association


Currie Football Club
Grassy Football Club [2]
North Football Club

Former Clubs[edit]

Mount Stanley Football Club

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