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Here's my page, enjoy, someone decided to mess with this earlier, making my vandalism count an astounding (drumroll please...) 9 as of Feb. 15th, 2006. Thanks to Adashiel for fixing it up the first time. Also, a big thanks goes out to everyone involved in fixing it up the next eight times.

I am a member of the Wikipedia:WikiProject Blogging, Wikipedia:WikiProject Joe Bermudez and Wikipedia:WikiProject Shinto.

Despite the fact that I am fairly conservative, I do listen to the podcast by Barack Obama through iTunes.

I will update and edit this page whenever I feel like doing so. Hopefully I will occasionally decide to put something intelligent on here, but that is still up in the air.

I'm going to be cool and add a subpage to my user page. I'm going to have my own sandbox from now on so I can experiment with some things. Everyone else is welcome to use it as well.

Here it is. Sandbox

Also, I am an avid fan of calculus, and my expertise in aforementioned field is rivaled only by legendary calculus master, Sun Feiyang.

About "this user":[edit]

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Contributions I have worked on:[edit]

I have done notable work on the following articles:

As of January 10, 2006, I'm no longer going to advertise my involvement with an article. Sorry, it'd be hard to keep track of and I don't want to mess with it.

Also, I have created the following categories:

Actually, changed my mind, I'm not going to advertise my involvement with these either.

However, I will announce other things, like my involvement of Wikipedia:WikiProject Shinto, a project I am a member and the founder of.

As you can see, I mainly focus on internet related articles, but I will do other things too.

The ones I created are in bold, the others are just ones I have done notable work on.

Controversial Articles[edit]

  • - The original author contacted me about working some on this article, since, as one of the creators of the website, I knew some details about it, so I agreed to work on it and I think it turned out pretty well. However, on its second AfD, is was deleted.
  • Caroline "Sunshine" - This was an article I wrote about a convicted murderer in Canada. User:Zoe went ahead and deleted it despite the efforts of User: and myself.
  • Conviction 365 - I worked some on this article but it was deleted because Conviction 365 is considered non-notable, because its Alexa ranking was considered too low.
  • Smash World Forums - Evidentally a forum that has articles about it in Nintendo Power, with 30,000 users and 1 million posts isn't notable.

External Links[edit]

Any website with a * by it just means that site was involved in an article I have worked on. I may or may not have any other personal connection to one of those sites.