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I do have the rollback permission, meaning that I can undo edits quickly in certain circumstances. I use this permission with the utmost restraint, most often only in circumstances where a user is repeatedly vandalizing multiple pages quickly (otherwise I usually just use twinkle). If you see an edit summary from me along the lines of "Reverted edits by user to last version by user" and are wondering why I reverted, don't hesitate to leave me a message. I'll explain my rational for why I did it.

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Articles on my radar for fixing up... eventually[edit]

These are ones I think I can make slightly better when I get the time:

Projects I'm slowly... very slowly... working on[edit]

  • Adding images/infoboxes to canadian chocolate bar pages
  • Making minor updates to canadian radio stations (transmitter info, rebroadcasters, logos, etc...)


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