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Architecture and Models[edit]

Architecture, Patterns, models and non functional requiremetns[edit]

C (programming language)
4+1 architectural view model
View model
Use case
Systems engineering
Object-oriented programming
UML state machine
State diagram
Software engineering
Abstraction (computer science)
Class (computer programming)
Inheritance (object-oriented programming)
Polymorphism (computer science)
Dynamic dispatch
Function overloading
Run time (program lifecycle phase)
Data type
Compile time
Design pattern
Object (computer science)
Software design pattern
Abstract data type
Functional programming
Software architecture
Model View ViewModel
Data structure
Architectural pattern
Interaction design pattern
Pedagogical patterns
Style guide
Creational pattern
Abstract factory pattern
Builder pattern
Factory method pattern
Lazy initialization
Multiton pattern
Object pool pattern
Prototype pattern
Resource Acquisition Is Initialization
Singleton pattern
Adapter pattern
Bridge pattern
Composite pattern
Decorator pattern
Facade pattern
Flyweight pattern
Front Controller pattern
Module pattern
Proxy pattern
Behavioral pattern
Chain-of-responsibility pattern
Command pattern
Interpreter pattern
Iterator pattern
Mediator pattern
Memento pattern
Null Object pattern
Observer pattern
Publish–subscribe pattern
Servant (design pattern)
Specification pattern
State pattern
Strategy pattern
Template method pattern
Visitor pattern
Concurrency pattern
Active object
Balking pattern
Double-checked locking
Asynchronous method invocation
Guarded suspension
Lock (computer science)
Messaging pattern
Monitor (synchronization)
Reactor pattern
Readers–writer lock
Scheduler pattern
Thread pool pattern
Thread-local storage
Event-driven architecture
Layer (object-oriented design)
Multilayered architecture
Software development process
Waterfall model
Software requirements specification
Software design
System integration
Software testing
Software deployment
Software maintenance
Spiral model
Iterative and incremental development
Agile software development
Rapid application development
Capability Maturity Model Integration
Object Constraint Language
Software release life cycle
Systems development life-cycle
Systems design
Unified Modeling Language
Activity (UML)
Actor (UML)
Business process
Component (UML)
Component-based software engineering
Class diagram
Component diagram
Composite structure diagram
Deployment diagram
Object diagram
Package diagram
Profile diagram
Activity diagram
Communication diagram
Interaction overview diagram
Sequence diagram
State diagram (UML)
Timing diagram (Unified Modeling Language)
Use Case Diagram
Applications of UML
Glossary of Unified Modeling Language terms
Model-based testing
Non-functional requirement
Regulatory compliance
Configuration management
Disaster recovery
Environmental protection
Source code escrow
Fault-tolerant design
Network topology
Open source
Computer performance
Performance engineering
Software portability
Quality (business)
Mean time to recovery
Reliability engineering
Mean time between failures
Resilience (network)
Response time (technology)
Robustness (computer science)
Factor of safety
Backward compatibility
Stability Model
Serviceability (computer)
Software testability
Requirements analysis
Functional requirement
Non-functional requirements framework