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My user page will still be expanded on by me if I don't forget to. This isn't a complete page yet.

About Me[edit]

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Hello, I'm VeeTHis. I'm a man and I live in New Hampshire. I really quite like it up here in NH :p


  • Computers
  • Software/website development & design
  • Anything video-game related (especially retro stuff)
  • Aviation
  • Trains
  • Lifts
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Urban exploring
  • Science

For College, I'm planning for my major to be Computer Science or Computer Engineering. My most hated subject in school is obviously Math (duh).

I'm also pretty interested in Software development. I know VB.NET, HTML5 and CSS, Java, and a little bit of Python. VB.NET, HTML5, and CSS are the three I'm most fluent in.

Facts About Me[edit]

  • I have Arachnophobia, Aerophobia, Cnidophobia, Trypanophobia, Glossophobia, Pediophobia, and Coulrophobia.
  • I'm a night-owl and loner.
  • Sharks and Cats are my two favorite animals.
  • I agree with the term "School is prison".
  • I'm an Atheist.
  • My favorite kind of sodas are Mello Yello, Pepsi, and Surge.

Social Media[edit]



Discord: VeeTHis#8448

My Website

Other Stuff[edit]


I like to make my own Userboxes sometimes. Click here to view them!