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My own pic.

Hi, I am Veera Sasidhar Jangam. You may call me Veera. I was born in Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, India. I am a Software Consultant by profession. I work on SAP HCM (HR). I am a Rationalist.

Basically, I write a lot on Telugu Wikpedia (and if you are interested to see my profile in Telugu, then here is the link. To supplement my writings I needed photographs and pictures which are free of copyrights, so started Amateur photography. I also started learning Vector graphics, though I did not yet master it. I withdraw all my copyrights on my photographs/pictures while uploading them on commons.

I seriously have ambitions to get into DSLRs and master Inkscape, but this would need some time. Till then, you may enjoy my photgraphs/pictures here. [1]

My Userboxes[edit]

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My Gallery[edit]

A few photographs/pictures (which I think are the best) I uploaded on Commons.

Uggani, bajji a staple breakfast of my region. This picture has been used in Català, English, Italian and Kannada Wikipedia's 
A fort at my hometown. I deliberately applied Sepia tone to give it an antique look 
My mother-tongue was termed as the Italian of the east by the Venice traveller Niccolò de' Conti, so I painted my state with the hues of Italian flag 
My rationalism has nothing to do with this pic. (Many theists do not know what this is!! But I do) 
Choki Dhani - A Rajasthani Restaurant on Inner Ring Road - Bangalore 
Fifth Avenue, a type of collar 
A solar Buddhist Bell, which I purchased in Bhutan 
The Eldredge Knot, one of my favourites 
Deforestation is more than Urbanisation 
Shadow Photography 
Panoramic view of Kochi from Padamughal 
Oil lamps in the prayer room in my home. 
Sunrise in Kanyakumari with Thiruvalluvar as Central Object 
Mahabali Mascot in Oberon Mall, Kochi 
Tall trees on the way to Seetargundu Viewpoint near Nelliampathi in Kerala 
A strange plant at the guest house in Nelliampathi 
Cloud touching the tip of the mountain on the way to Nelliampathi 
Purple Flora at Chalela, Bhutan 
A choten at Begana, Bhutan 
Clock Tower of Thimphu, Bhutan 
Hotel Madina, very close to Charminar, Old City, Hyderabad, India. 
Birla Temple, at the heart of the city, Hyderabad 

Places I have been to[edit]

India Bhutan