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The Basics[edit]

Hi! This is the page describing James Hill, AKA Vegasbright. I took a long break from Wikpedia but now I think I am ready to pick up the torch, here to clean up the POV presence in certain articles. This is my goal.

My personal website can be found at

To those Who I Offend[edit]

Get over it[edit]

Ask why it offends you. Is it because your opinion is in the minority or is it because your aceptance of what I provide is irrelevant? Please keep in mind that those I usually spar with do so in defense of unconfirmed, counterintuitive beliefs. You have been warned.

to those I see as biased[edit]

I see squatters who bully, monopolize and project a marginalized opinion as true or mainstream. Not everywhere and certainly not all religiously motivated authors are forwarding falsehood but I definitely see a common thread posessing disregard for others point of view.

I used to be extremely biased. I would look to disprove a view first before looking at the evidence at hand. I hope others will do the same but those who do not seem to practice cognitive dissonance, implement the Confirmation bias and generally are very unaccepting of views outside their worldview.

What Am I Involved With Editing?[edit]


I have come to the conclusion that editing wikipedia pages on mormonism is like talking to a child who keeps saying "why?" after you answer the last time they said 'why?'. Eventually you get tired, they think they have won and no one is better off. In the process they are not really listening to your answers but just gearing up for the next 'why?'. It is futile to debate children. That being said, I strive to involve the wikipedia community more in defense of established fact, knocking down the inability to stand up for what is fact and reality.

Mormonism - I am a former mormon who is opposed to the idea that the LDS church is the one and only true faith. It is my goal to present a clear differentiation between what represents an accurate depiction of Mormonism and what is taught by its peddlers. I see a great deal of rabid pro-mormon POV's here on Wikipedia and ironically the NPOV statement is weilded by the zealoutrous crusaders for mormonism within Wikpedia. This is the main reason I have involved myself with Wikipedia.


Questions often asked by Mormons concerning my Opposition[edit]

===Why are you against the church?=== First off, I am not against the LDS faith nor the LDS church. My research and edits here on Wikipedia center around the use of historical facts, my opinion and experiences. I am not anti-mormon, tot he contrary I do not loathe the LDS faith as some religously oriented opponents do. Most LDS apologists lump all opponents of the LDS church/faith into one category and this truly shows the black and white midset of a great deal of mopologists.

Why don't you come back to the faith?[edit]


Why did you leave the faith?[edit]

Are you really interested? I can tell you it was not due to offense, sin, or any other of the tired and worn out excuses given in PEC every Sunday morning. To explain the almost mass exodus occuring right now by RM's (estimated to be 40% by some), tired housewives and fathers, teenagers tired of the black and white mentality and many other factions and groupings one merely has to look at the corporation of the president of the LDS church. Oh yeah, and polygamy too. See [My website] for a tired and drawn out description of why I find membership in teh LDS faith not to be worth the paper my temple recomend is printed on.

MPOV and mormon Wiki edits[edit]

Let me say that I do not see every LDS author to hold to the Megalomaniacal point of view but I certainly see this TENDENCY in the attitiude that the LDS church is the ultimate authority on the LDS church. I respect a great deal of the LDS authors here on Wikipedia but to believe that most LDS writeups should be taken as truth is one of the reasons I edit the Wikipedia.

greenw47 and the exmormon article[edit]

Thanks for your kind comments. I'm trying to keep the article as neutral as possible, even at the expense of angering my exmo friends. I am extremely tenacious and I will stay with the article until it is well-written and stable - and even after that. Cheers! greenw47