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Micha Cárdenas

Thanks for taking the step to do the renaming there. My primary concern for wanting to do it as a delete/recreate was to stop any potential edit wars with the article's primary author, who is possibly the subject them self. At some point I'll do a rewrite on it that will not be the puff piece the author appears to want, but will hopefully be the encyclopedic entry that is required. Thanks again. Vulture19 (talk) 15:55, 2 January 2010 (UTC)

You are welcome, Vulture. I'm always trying to save possibly useful and verifiable content. On second thought, the renaming could be a problem (I'm rereading the last sentence of comment by User:Lotu5). I don't want to be offensive, but this is the best possible solution, in my opinion. --Vejvančický (talk) 16:12, 2 January 2010 (UTC)
I don't see how you are being offensive, that last line in Lotu5's comment notwithstanding. Being offensive would be continuing to use the term that is objected to after the objection. I believe Lotu5's comment could have been worded to be less barbed, however.
As I recall, and I'm sure you know, this isn't myspace, and WP:BLP clearly warns that the subject really doesn't have control over their entry here. I feel that someone may need to remind Lotu5 of that. They can object to unsourced, non-NPOV stuff, but at this point the article is "in play", so to speak. I suppose if Lotu5 requested no article if the DJ Lotu5 article can't stand as written, I wouldn't object - the fact is that Micha Cardenas is really only of slightly more than borderline notability (which, as a fellow inclusionist, is all she needs). I suspect that a rewritten article would/will go through an AfD nom also. Oh well... Thanks again Vulture19 (talk) 16:29, 2 January 2010 (UTC)
OK. User:Lotu5 is now notified about possible conflict of interest. User:Lotu5 also apparently agrees with the article renaming.--Vejvančický (talk) 16:56, 2 January 2010 (UTC)

Speedy deletion declined: Snih

Hello Vejvančický. I am just letting you know that I declined the speedy deletion of Snih, a page you tagged for speedy deletion, because of the following concern: Does not rely on a page that does not exist. Thank you. GedUK  11:07, 3 January 2010 (UTC)

Hello Ged. OK, what is the correct procedure, then? I've explained my rationale in the edit summary: misleading redirect nominated for deletion - Czech word for 'snow' shouldn't refer to a classical composer's article (we already have a redirect Sníh (song)). Could it be controversial or damaging for this project? --Vejvančický (talk) 11:15, 3 January 2010 (UTC)
WP:RFD is probably the best venue here. Timotheus Canens (talk) 11:28, 3 January 2010 (UTC)


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But essentially, my reply echoes the one above: The best place for it is RFD. It's too complicated really for CSD GedUK  14:01, 3 January 2010 (UTC)


Yes, good catch there, and in the first few seconds of the game. Amazing when an error sits there so long that it becomes part of the household. Lovely to hear from you, Antonin. Me and mine are well (age and weather aside) and wish you a very Happy New Year - almost New, that is, with only a mile or two "on the clock", but certainly Happy. Best from Haploidavey (talk) 13:06, 6 January 2010 (UTC)

František Kočvara

Hello Vejvančický: I ran across a very interesting Czech composer, František Kočvara. Are you familiar with him? He doesn't have a page on the Czech wikipedia; I thought you might be interested in making a quick translation.Hrdinský (talk) 07:14, 7 January 2010 (UTC)

The Czech article looks great! I'm not sure the source for the "virtuoso double-bassist" is reliable. Other sources also say that Kočvara was a violist and double-bassist – and also played other instruments such as piano, violin, cello, oboe, flute, bassoon and cittern. It's important to mention him being a violist (and/or other instruments) per your source. I'll add that information and source to the English article. Also, I added a few compositions to the English Wikipedia article, you may want to translate those for the Czech article as well (I would, but I'm not confident with the translation). Hrdinský (talk) 20:20, 8 January 2010 (UTC)

Czech soups

Thanks for your help. I responded to your query on my talk page and fixed the article I had misnamed. Cheers. ChildofMidnight (talk) 19:55, 7 January 2010 (UTC)

Looks good. Did you translate it from the other article?

DYK ideas:

... that fairylike insect people feature in the classic Czech children's book Broucci by Jan Karafiát.?

alternative (but the source is offline...)

...That inmates of the Theresienstadt concentration camp performed a version of Jan Karafiát's classic Czech children's book Broucci?

Are the characters insect-like "people" or "children"? ChildofMidnight (talk) 01:27, 8 January 2010 (UTC)

DYK for Broučci

Updated DYK query On January 15, 2010, Did you know? was updated with a fact from the article Broučci, which you created or substantially expanded. You are welcome to check how many hits your article got while on the front page (here's how, quick check ) and add it to DYKSTATS if it got over 5,000. If you know of another interesting fact from a recently created article, then please suggest it on the Did you know? talk page.

Materialscientist (talk) 00:01, 15 January 2010 (UTC)

Congrats! You did a very nice job and I apologize for getting any of the credit. ChildofMidnight (talk) 01:45, 15 January 2010 (UTC)


Thanks, Vejvančický, for your wellcome and suggestions Franjklogos (talk) 14:45, 15 January 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk)


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Brambleclawx 16:07, 17 January 2010 (UTC)

Speedy deletion declined: Eva-maria de la reyez

Hello Vejvančický. I am just letting you know that I declined the speedy deletion of Eva-maria de la reyez, a page you tagged for speedy deletion, because of the following concern: A7: Article is about a fictional person, not a real person. Thank you. — Malik Shabazz Talk/Stalk 21:06, 20 January 2010 (UTC)

No problem. I thought she was a real person too, until I noticed the infobox. I added a WP:PROD tag to the article, though, because I can't find anything about the character. — Malik Shabazz Talk/Stalk 22:35, 20 January 2010 (UTC)
Could be. — Malik Shabazz Talk/Stalk 22:47, 20 January 2010 (UTC)

DYK for Zuzana Navarová

Updated DYK query On January 24, 2010, Did you know? was updated with a fact from the article Zuzana Navarová, which you created or substantially expanded. You are welcome to check how many hits your article got while on the front page (here's how, quick check ) and add it to DYKSTATS if it got over 5,000. If you know of another interesting fact from a recently created article, then please suggest it on the Did you know? talk page.

Materialscientist (talk) 18:00, 24 January 2010 (UTC)

Nikollë Nikprelaj

Thank you for your help at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Nikollë Nikprelaj, I did my best to incorporate your sources into the article as inline citations (I don't think it would pass the AfD otherwise) with the help of google translate. Can you please give it a look over to make sure I didn't make any errors. Thank you J04n(talk page) 02:02, 28 January 2010 (UTC)

Discussion invitation

British Royalty Hi Vejvančický/Archive 6, I would like to invite you and anyone watching who shares an interest in moving forward constructively to a discussion about Biographies of Living People

New editors' lack of understanding of Wikipedia processes has resulted in thousands of BLPs being created over the last few years that do not meet BLP requirements. We are currently seeking constructive proposals on how to help newcomers better understand what is expected, and how to improve some 48,000 articles about living people as created by those 17,500 editors, through our proper cleanup, expansion, and sourcing.

These constructive proposals might then be considered by the community as a whole at Wikipedia talk:Requests for comment/Biographies of living people.

Please help us:

Ikip 05:06, 28 January 2010 (UTC)

(refactored) I appreciate your comments here.[1] Hope to work with you again in the future. Ikip 04:21, 1 February 2010 (UTC)

DYK for Starobrno Brewery

Updated DYK query On January 29, 2010, Did you know? was updated with a fact from the article Starobrno Brewery, which you created or substantially expanded. You are welcome to check how many hits your article got while on the front page (here's how, quick check ) and add it to DYKSTATS if it got over 5,000. If you know of another interesting fact from a recently created article, then please suggest it on the Did you know? talk page.

Wikiproject: Did you know? 12:01, 29 January 2010 (UTC)

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Jaroslav Kvapil

Hello Vejvančický: There seems to be some contradiction concerning the death date for Jaroslav Kvapil (composer). The English Wikipedia article says 1959, but other sources (including Český Hudební Fond) suggest that it is 1958. Would you see if you have an off-line source to verify the date. Much appreciation. Hrdinský (talk) 07:47, 6 February 2010 (UTC)

Moc vám děkuji. Hrdinský (talk) 23:53, 6 February 2010 (UTC)

Biographies of Living persons solution?: Projectification

As someone who commented on the BLP workshop I created, please review this proposal to see if it is something that the community would support.

Harsh constructive criticism is very welcome!

Better to figure out the potential objections now. I am looking to remedy any potential objections by the community.

Thanks. Okip (formerly Ikip) 03:22, 8 February 2010 (UTC)

A more constructive explanation by Nmate

Hi Vejvančický,

Please familiarize yourself with HU-SK naming_convention--Nmate (talk) 19:33, 8 February 2010 (UTC)

The naming convention for places in Slovakia

"After 1918: use the Slovak name. Use Hungarian (or other minority languages) at least once for places with significant Hungarian (or other minority) population, either in the form "Eperjes (Prešov)" and later "Eperjes" exclusively, or in the form "Prešov (Eperjes)" and later "Prešov" exclusively. Significant is more than 20% of the population by contemporary census."

As it can be seen here, the percentage of Hungarians in that area is <10%, so there is not "significant Hungarian population"(>20%), and the criteria is not met(Iaaasi (talk) 06:08, 9 February 2010 (UTC))

Jiří Hudec

Hello Vejvančický: I just noticed a new English article on Brno composer Jiří Hudec. I thought you might be interested. Hrdinský (talk) 19:04, 11 February 2010 (UTC)

AfD nomination of Oscar van Dillen

Ambox warning pn.svg

An article that you have been involved in editing, Oscar van Dillen, has been listed for deletion. If you are interested in the deletion discussion, please participate by adding your comments at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Oscar van Dillen (2nd nomination). Thank you.

Please contact me if you're unsure why you received this message. --Jubilee♫clipman 01:56, 12 February 2010 (UTC)

Francesco Nicastro

Hello, this is Marco DiBella (Juve10), just commenting on this listing for deletion for the page Francesco Nicastro. The player fits the proffessional athlete criteria, by having played for the senior squad in an official match. Not only did I watch the match in which Catania lost 1-0 to AS Roma, but I listed sources that prove his official debut. Look at the list of referances again, in case you missed it, but i would like to put in my bid for this page to remain. If it is not then so be it, but thank you, Marco DiBella Juve10 (talk) 03:12, 12 February 2010 (UTC)

You are absolutely right, Marco. I missed the little green triangle under his name. Again, I honestly apologize for confusing you. --Vejvančický (talk) 08:32, 12 February 2010 (UTC)

Francesco Nicastro

Hey man, thanks, its no big deal, we all try to help keep this website going strong, so I totally understand. No time wasted. Thanks talk to you later Juve10 (talk) 03:12, 15 February 2010 (UTC)

Emile Tarquet

Please consider UN-moving the page you moved. See the "talk" section for that. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Tkbwik (talkcontribs) 12:34, 17 February 2010 (UTC)

Further to above... Thank you for the message you sent. So perhaps the situation is that she was BORN Martens, but was Mrs Taquet by the time of the rescues? Thank you for the re-directs from "Emile Taquet" and "Marie Taquet"... that should address most of my concerns. Perhaps the entry at Vadyashem for Emile would shed light on the matter? If my "she was Mrs Taquet" quess is supported by what you find there, perhaps the title I used originally is the most appropriate? (If you agree, please make the revision, for reasons given earlier? A line in the article about her maiden name would cover the "Martens" aspect, yes?)

You are quite right... I now see!... that the first 2/3rds of "Marie_Emile_Taquet" introduces an additional confusion! But I had hoped that the edit of the text in the article made clear that it was about two people, Marie and Emile, whatever their last name(s) turn out to be!

When, in your personal message, you spoke of broken links, I hope that was the encyclopedia's links, not those in th article I started?

I've tried to research the location of the school/home, and whether it was for disabled kids and will be taking that line of research further... little found to date online, so I'm going to try writing to the town itself, see if anyone can share memories. Tkbwik (talk) 13:08, 17 February 2010 (UTC)


(Search with Google for Emile Taquet, and do the html preview of that) we see...

Taquet, Emile & Marie (Mertens)

which would, I believe, be consistent with my guess, and is from the authority you seem to prefer.

Does anyone interested in the chemist Marie Curie look under Maria Skłodowska, or Marie Curie-Skłodowska? Tkbwik (talk) 13:15, 17 February 2010 (UTC)

I've changed the name of the article to Marie and Emile Taquet, it is probably the best version, you are right. Her maiden name is mentioned later in the article. I also fixed the links in the article. You separated the links and the names of your sources with this symbol: |, which caused the error :) Everything seems to be OK now. Keep up the good work, Tkbwik, and ask me, if you have further questions. The article for Marie Curie-Skłodowska is named Marie Curie. --Vejvančický (talk) 13:41, 17 February 2010 (UTC)

Many thanks... for the re-rename, and for telling me what was wrong with the links. You'd get a good chuckle if you knew how many variations I went through before getting my ref links even close to what they needed to be. Apologies for not testing them properly... I was exhausted by the time I got them even LOOKING right, and can only offer that as my excuse for failing to test! Tkbwik (talk) 22:05, 17 February 2010 (UTC)

Final discussion for Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Biographies of living people

Hello, I note that you have commented on the first phase of Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Biographies of living people

As this RFC closes, there are two proposals being considered:

  1. Proposal to Close This RfC
  2. Alternate proposal to close this RFC: we don't need a whole new layer of bureaucracy

Your opinion on this is welcome. Okip 03:32, 24 February 2010 (UTC)

Chris Agee

Hello Vejvančický, quite agree with you about Chris Agee. Victim of the deep-rooted spirit of philistinism at Wikipedia that thinks it's more creative to destroy knowledge rather than improve it. I give up most of the time, just occasionally I feel so annoyed I fight one of these pointless assassination attempts, but usually you either don't hear about them or you're up against people who think anything less fully authenticated than a perfectly crafted biography of a multiply-awarded pornstar deserves to be tossed into the bin of obscurity. Opbeith (talk) 20:59, 27 February 2010 (UTC)

i agree let's improve so it's a snowball keep Pohick2 (talk) 00:14, 28 February 2010 (UTC)

Hello Antonin, I share your general sentiments exactly. I don't share your more emollient attitute towards the deleter in this case.

Antonin, Pohick2, I am happy to write up a section about the role Agee has played in making conteomporary Bosnian poetry accessible to a Western readership to challenge the stereotypes created by inadequately translated Bosnian literature that helped fuel the indifference of Western governments as Bosnia was being dismembered. Scar in the Stone is a significant volume. Opbeith (talk) 21:32, 28 February 2010 (UTC)

Antonin, Pohick2, I hope I haven't upset the balance of the article with my addition of the section on Agee's Balkans/Bosnian-related activities. Please feel free to adjust it as you see fit. Opbeith (talk) 23:40, 1 March 2010 (UTC)

Hello Antonin. I was glad to help, thank you for doing your best against the vandals and thugs! Opbeith (talk) 12:23, 3 March 2010 (UTC)

The substantive issue underlying Kevin's deletion threats is being discussed at Opbeith (talk) 10:56, 4 March 2010 (UTC)

Jez walsh

Nice catch! Thanks. MuffledThud (talk) 10:23, 2 March 2010 (UTC)

Hristo Popov

Hello Antonín, I couldn't see the article, but from what I understand it was a copyvio about a borderline-notable person, is that right? If content was indeed copied from the website, then there isn't much that we can do about it. Thanks for the heads-up, though, and have a great day too! :) TodorBozhinov 13:19, 6 March 2010 (UTC)

Erhard Geißler

Sorry, I was just not quick enough. Bye, --Gaggafuto (talk) 14:32, 16 March 2010 (UTC)

Uz Jsme Doma photos

Just wanted to say thanks for posting the UJD photos! They look great and were long overdue. Best, Colinclarksmith (talk) 14:19, 23 March 2010 (UTC)

Leos thrives in Sweden

Hello! Thanks so much for letting me know; a reward for our efforts - well, yours really, and mine just a bit. My sympathies on the matter of interminable disputes - I try hard to steer clear of them, partly because I usually kick off by booting my own size-ten foot into my mouth and have to waste even more time extricating it. Otherwise known as an own goal! But I still get drawn in from time to time. Ho hum.

I'm beginning to feel that argument based on belief (or its counteraction) can't be won, particularly when it has a perceived moral dimension; whether that's adversarial nationalism, the merit of one particular scholarly source versus another of differing ideology, or the insistence that perfectly servicable articles are somehow tainted by a hidden agenda and must be stripped to the bone. I invariably find each side persuasive because a misdirected sense of charity and modesty tells me I must, surely, be missing something. But most of the time, the Emperor really has no clothes. For what its worth, I entirely agree with your assessment of identity. I see it as pragmatic, tied more than anything to matters of self-description, passports and linguistics. One the one hand, a social construct; on the other, inherent to the object - so who's to say? Sincere good wishes. Haploidavey (talk) 13:33, 30 March 2010 (UTC)

Well said! Yes, the world outside's a much crueler place than this one. Have a very good day, Antonin. I'm thankful for folks like you. Haploidavey (talk) 11:16, 31 March 2010 (UTC)

Snø (Artist)

Please don't delete this page. It is for a new music artist who, although he hasn't produced any music to my knowledge, is in preparation of doing so. He is a new upcoming artist, but not necessarily a commercial one. From what I know, he isn't going to sell any of his music or make physical albums, but distribute them as free mp3s on well-known blogs and sites like ''. He is needing this Wikipedia Page so he can become known. He is similar to the artist 'Danger' in that he wants to be mysterious and secretive, but instead he wants a Wikipedia page. I am a dear friend of Snø, and I'm making this for him as a favour. I am unsure of this 'notability' you want me to add. I've added references from a friend's blog who is slowly going to leak info about Snø under his permission. Thats enough reference I think. Snø isn't yet noted for any albums or music just yet. All because he is an emerging music artist. Though on it is mentioned that he is currently working on an album 'Submerged'. He isn't an official artist yet, just an experimental one.

Renegadesoldier94 (talk) 07:54, 8 April 2010 (UTC)

Replied at their user talk page. --Vejvančický (talk) 11:12, 8 April 2010 (UTC)


Hey, thanks for helping me with my article about Nic Armstrong. Do you want to add any links to my article on the band, Nic Armstrong & the Thieves? I ask because some editor has recommended it for speedy deletion even though this band has been reviewed by National Public Radio in the United States and is obviously noteworthy. Please weigh in! Thanks! Cicero in utero (talk) 08:57, 9 April 2010 (UTC)

Replied at Talk:Nic Armstrong & The Thieves. --Vejvančický (talk) 10:34, 9 April 2010 (UTC)

Black day for Poland

Thank you for expressing your views. 12 hours after I heard the news, I still can’t process it. Your support is however appreciated. Jniech (talk) 19:48, 10 April 2010 (UTC)

DYK for Muriel a andělé

Updated DYK query On April 19, 2010, Did you know? was updated with a fact from the article Muriel a andělé, which you created or substantially expanded. You are welcome to check how many hits the article got while on the front page (here's how, quick check ) and add it to DYKSTATS if it got over 5,000. If you know of another interesting fact from a recently created article, then please suggest it on the Did you know? talk page.

Thanks Victuallers (talk) 00:04, 19 April 2010 (UTC)

Richard Ermisch

Hey - I wasn't even finished checking! :) Thnx, though, for your quick help. You couldn't do something about the format, too, could you? Regards, --G-41614 (talk) 09:19, 22 April 2010 (UTC)

Sorry, too late - I just found a possibility! And since I'm rather new to creating new articles: :))) Thank you anyway. Ok, what I wanted was the pictures to show in a column on the right, and not to overlap the references. And I consciously decided against a gallery. About like now. However, if you know a better way to fix this, well, it'd be utterly pointless to say feel free, considering where we are. What I'd be interested in would be info-boxes - on dead persons as well as an islands, assuming there is one for the latter. Know anything about it? --G-41614 (talk) 09:38, 22 April 2010 (UTC)
I get that, but considering that whoever might wish a closer look always can click on them, I rather kept them smaller. But I don't claim to have a final answer. Thanks for the box, though. --G-41614 (talk) 09:53, 22 April 2010 (UTC)


alrite boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!1 —Preceding unsigned comment added by Charliebsmith (talkcontribs) 22:36, 23 April 2010 (UTC)

File:The title page of the autograph score of Dvořák's ninth symphony.jpg

thanks for uploading that, its awesome. Decora (talk) 20:19, 24 April 2010 (UTC)

Your help in translation would be appreciated

I need help translating an important text of 107 words to Czech. Any chance you could help? If so, would I be able to reach you through IM, IRC or Email? TheCuriousGnome (talk) 07:19, 25 April 2010 (UTC)

Maurice Strakosch reply

Hello! Thank you for your appreciation and quick reaction. Maybe if you happen to have some information about him, I encourage you to add it. Best Wishes, --Tomaxer (talk) 13:42, 25 April 2010 (UTC)

CPR Barnstar.png The Barnstar of Recovery
For your thorough work in the AFD for Bekim Bejta. Nuujinn (talk) 17:52, 25 April 2010 (UTC)


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Sudhir Kanta Adhikary reference

You have mentioned that publicly showed official contact e mail or number of a government office is not reliable reference to verify some information under their domain.But in India, most of the time the reference may not be "clickable", and the only way to get the information officially is by directly contacting the respective government office Please mention what would be a "reference",when no website(and even if does,their reliability is questionable) hosts the list of freedom fighters pensioners of India(most commonly they show a few well known names) or a complete list of Tamrapatra awarded peoples. If an office of govt of India who have the record of the person under question can not be a reference to you,what is? (Providing that they are not going to publish all the record they hold publicly in the govt websites.)

Replied at their talk page. --Vejvančický (talk | contribs) 12:36, 1 May 2010 (UTC)

František Drdla

Hello Vejvančický: A user changed the birth year of František Drdla from 1868 to 1869. Upon googling "Drdla 1969", it seems that there are quite a few hits for 1869, although there are more for "Drdla 1868". The Czech, Japanese, and Swedish Wikipedias state 1868, as does my reference on hand. Do you have a reliable source to reference the date in order to clear this matter up? Much appreciation. Hrdinský (talk) 05:45, 2 May 2010 (UTC)

Thank you! Hrdinský (talk) 17:03, 2 May 2010 (UTC)

Update on an article you recently prodded

I have moved Pierre` Prageo - French-Italian Artist, an article you prodded, and tagged the resulting redirect for speedy deletion as an improbable typo. Article moved to Pierre Prageo; {{prod}} tag remains on it. B.Wind (talk) 05:03, 4 May 2010 (UTC)

Glad you liked my addition to the Humoresques_(Dvořák)

I'm afraid it is a very familiar part of U. S. folk culture. I don't think anyone who grew up in the U. S. can hear this piece of music without thinking "Passengers will please refrain..." I was wondering why the article didn't mention anything about it, and now I understand!

Perhaps you can clarify something for me. I bought a CD collection entitled "Railroad Rhythms." It is a collection of classical music connected with railroads, e.g. Honegger's Pacific 231.

It includes Dvořák Humoresque #7 and I wondered whether this was a sly joke. The program notes, translated from an unspecified language, presumably German, say only that "the railroad fanatic Antonin Dvořák seems ... to create a feeling of delight at being able to reach the fresh air at a summer resort with the help of a train."

To Europeans, does the Humoresque #7 have any connection to trains or railroads, other than "Passengers will please refrain from flushing toilets while the train is standing in the station (I love you)..." Dpbsmith (talk) 22:40, 9 May 2010 (UTC)

List of compositions by Antonín Dvořák

Hello Vejvančický: I have made the List of compositions by Antonín Dvořák into a sortable list. This restructuring has rendered obsolete the List of compositions by Antonín Dvořák by Burghauser number. Don't you think this article should now be nominated for deletion? Hrdinský (talk) 17:10, 10 May 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for thanks!

Antonin, it was a pleasure; if I can help out again, please let me know. All the very best, Haploidavey (talk) 20:11, 17 May 2010 (UTC)

Slovaks in Hungary

I'm looking for feedback (good or bad) on my actions in this case. I'd appreciated your comments here. Dpmuk (talk) 15:38, 18 May 2010 (UTC)

Oldřich Nový

Hi Vejvancicky. I edited the Oldřich Nový article a long time ago and I hope my english contributions were helpful. I also hope I did not insult you by making them. I tried to answer your mail a long time ago but I have a lot to learn about Wikipedia myself. Robtj966 (talk) 05:55, 19 May 2010 (UTC)

Yes, your copyedit was helpful, as I said previously. Absolutely no insult :)) Thanks again, have good day. --Vejvančický (talk | contribs) 17:51, 19 May 2010 (UTC)

how do I remove an IP address from a wiki page? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Rhea 1991 (talkcontribs) 21:37, 19 May 2010 (UTC)

DYK for Jan Kašpar

Materialscientist (talk) 12:02, 20 May 2010 (UTC)


CopyClean Barnstar.png The Copyright Cleanup Barnstar
As I was working at SCV today, I noticed that you had cleaned up quite allot of copyrighted info. As I know CP work is quite unrewarding work at sometimes, I just wanted to say thanks:} Acather96 (talk) 18:04, 25 May 2010 (UTC)

DYK for Reflex (magazine)

The DYK project (nominate) 00:04, 26 May 2010 (UTC)