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User info For Velvet Llama[edit]

My name is Pat. I am currently a grad student at Ohio University working on my Master's Degree in sociology- "the sexy science."

My interests include video games, online communities, social theory, Jack Bauer, and Llamas.

I currently am assigned to Dr. Ted Welser (User page here: User:Htw3) as a graduate assistant for a Sociology 101 course and am working with him to coordinate the Wikipedia entries of our students as part of the sociology project on Wikipedia.

Otherwise I am currently working on a thesis idea essentially examining how constructions of deviance are developed and deployed in online gaming settings as a means of creating and maintaining stable normative boundaries and collective definitions of self- sort of a "Wayward Puritans" for the digital age. As part of this I am also trying to get Microsoft's attention to demonstrate to them the potential value of this research- because everybody could use a sociologist in their lives.

My likes include: racism, warm weather, poped collars, bengals fans, and chafing.

My dislikes include: Puppies, video games, long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain.