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Keith Law
Genres Psychedelic , Progressive rock
Occupation(s) Singer/Songwriter
Instruments Guitar/ Keyboards/ Flute
Years active 1965–Present
Labels Pye, Sanctuary, Anazitisi, Castle, Lion, Akarma, United Artists, Pye/Esoteric, Bam-Caruso, Metro, See For Miles, Past and Present, Black Widow, Gainsborough
Associated acts Velvett Fogg, Jardine [1] The Williamsons, Love and Understanding , Paint
Website Official Site

Keith Law (born on September 24th. 1946 in West Bromwich, England)
is an English singer and songwriter, and up to and including 2015, has had 30 records released.
Law has composed over 600 songs including Yellow Cave Woman, Within' The Night,
and Once Among The Trees on the collectable 1969 Velvett Fogg album.
This album, as well as his other songs, is continually being re-released on compilations and Box sets. Law was a member of several bands from 1965- 1970, and as of 2016 he has one albums in progress.
As a contributor to the cultural history of the City of Birmingham, in 2009 Law was included in the Birmingham Music Archive. [2]


Keith Law was born in Hallam Hospital (Sandwell General Hospital), West Bromwich, England. Law's childhood was intially spent in Thomas Street, and Harvills Hawthorn, before the family moved to Great Barr.

Keith Law in 1962

Law attended Harvills Hawthorn, and Hamstead Primary Schools,
before finally attending Churchfields Comprehensive School.
He first started playing the guitar when he was about 10 years old.
His first guitar was a solid body Watkins Rapier electric guitar played using a small Selmer Amplifier.
His first cataloged song was in 1965. Many of his published songs were composed in his bedroom at his parents house in Great Barr, Birmingham

During this time Keith was studying for a Degree in Marketing at Aston University.
However he became involved with local Great Barr musicians such as Mickey Cox, and Paul Lockey and their band the Shooting Stars. He would work with them both through the years.
In 1964, he and schoolfriend Alan Blunt used to visit the Casa Bambu in West Bromwich. It is here where they first met Bill Spilsbury, and it was here where his first band, The Williamsons, was formed.[3]

The Williamsons (1965/66)[edit]

File:007The Williamsons.1965.JPG
The Williamsons in 1965

In the band, (who were all from Great Barr, Birmingham), Law was lead guitarist and vocalist. Bill Spilsbury, lead vocals and blues harp, Alan Blunt was on rhythm guitar, Anthony Basterfield on bass and Graham Travers was on drums.

Originally called Devil's Disciples, they played in clubs which included
The Macabre, Casa Bambu, the West Bromwich Blues Club, The Stork Club and Walsall Casino.

The Williamsons were either the headline or support band to the more well known bands at that time, such as
The Moody Blues.[4]

The Williamsons also supported the Blues artist Sonny Boy Williamson when he appeared at the Whiskey Go Go, in Birmingham, in the late 60's.[5]

Love And Understanding (1967/68)[edit]

The band was a Walsall based group,which was formed as a vehicle for songwriter Keith Law, and performed only original songs written by him.

Keith Law and the band which included Martin Hall,lead guitar/vocals, Eric Timmins, bass/vocals, and Roy Knight on drums, were signed to F.P. Enterprises and were managed by Chas Peate .

Chas was to become Keith's publisher, Belsize Music and would subsequently,
publish Keith's Velvett Fogg songs.
Love and Understanding performed at Schools, Colleges and Universities,
undertaking a six week University tour in 1968.

Paint (1968)[edit]

Keith Law along with Mickey Cox (former member) and Harold Barber (former roadie) of Robert Plant's band Band of Joy formed Paint , when Robert left to join Led Zeppelin. The band,which also included John Jevons, ex - Hush on bass, and Harold Barber on drums, performed original songs, including the songs Keith wrote for Velvett Fogg.
These original songs were mixed with , R&B, and Blues. The band appeared at Schools, colleges, US and RAF bases, often as the main band, and also, as support to bands, at that time, such as Slade.[4]

Paint were regulars at well known local venues, such as The Golden Eagle, Birmingham, Ship and Rainbow, Hen and Chickens, Woolpack, and Catacombs, Wolverhampton, The Plazas, and The George Hotel, Walsall.[4]
The band at one time continued as a trio, Paint recorded tracks for the Chapter One label, which was run by Les Reed.

Jardine (1969)[edit]

Keith Law along with Mickey Cox, formed Jardine in the winter of 1968/69.
Law wanted a more earthy psychedelic sound. He wrote all the band's original songs, shared the vocals and also played second guitar and flute. Mickey Cox was the vocalist and lead guitar and was previously with Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant's, Band of Joy, Colin Hawkins was on drums, and Brian Urquart on bass. The band's show was a mix of blues classics and original songs, penned by Keith Law. They were written about the same time as those on the Velvett Fogg album so possess the same air of psych Keith Law mystery.

The band played Universities, colleges and schools and the occasional open-air concert.
In June 1969, Jardine recorded an album Look In The Window[6][7] in London, which was not released until 2008.
During the recording sessions many musicians, some famous, would come and join in. They were, Peter Frampton singer, ex The Herd (who after was to become a worldwide star), Andy Bown ex The Herd who formed the Andrew Bown Set, and is now keyboard player with Status Quo, Michael Berg, keyboard player and sound engineer. Brian Appleyard, drummer.

Velvett Fogg (1969)[edit]

Velvett Fogg are a cult British psychedelic rock band, and were formed in 1968.
Tony Iommi was a member in mid-1968, but left to form Black Sabbath.

Their lone eponymous album was released on Pye Records in January 1969,
and re-released on CD by Sanctuary Records in 2003.

For further reading, Wikipedia has a dedicated page.
and the full biography can be found at Velvett Fogg- Wikipedia

Solo career[edit]

Keith Law, continued writing and recording songs, with friends such as Paul Lockey, ex-Robert Plant's Band Of Joy, Bronco, The Foundations and the Shooting Stars

Eyes In The Wind- Keith Law.2009

Keith was also produced by Tony Visconti.[4] Keith's songs have been published by
Acuff-Rose, Schroeder Music, Apple Music and Belsize Music.
One of Keith's songs, Harpsichord, was released as a single on the
United Artists Records label, by the band Stampede.

Over the years, Keith recorded many songs in (Studio One), his home studio in Quinton, Birmingham.
The tapes were stored for years until 2009, and thanks to Anazitisi Records
a solo album of 12 of these songs has been released, Eyes In the Wind. He has released three more solo albums

Visions- Keith Law (2015) Gainsborough Records

The Path- Keith Law (2015) Gainsborough Records

The Answer- Keith Law (2016) Gainsborough Records

Keith Law is still writing and recording in London, England.[5]
Keith is now working on his latest album Velvett Mist

Personal Life[edit]

Law lived, for his first twenty years in West Bromwich before moving to Quinton, Birmingham
He moved to Devon, in 1988 living in Brixham, Paignton, Torquay Littlehempston and Totnes
In 2013, after spending a few months in Santa Pola, Spain
Keith moved to Reigate, Surrey , where he has lived for the last two years

He has four children

Other collaborations[edit]

Keith Law and Frank Wilson are back together writing and recording and are currently working on their new album Velvett Fogg Reloaded.[6][8]


  • Albums
  • Velvett Fogg, Velvett Fogg. LP. Pye Records. (1969)
  • Velvett Fogg, Velvett Fogg. CD. See For Miles. (1989)
  • Hello Mary Lou, Keith Law. CD. Gainsborough Records. (1994)
  • True Love Ways, Keith Law. CD. Gainsborough Records. (1994)
  • Wonderful Tonight, Keith Law. CD. Gainsborough Records. (1995)
  • Singing The Blues, Keith Law. CD. Gainsborough Records. (1996)
  • Welcome To My World, Keith Law. CD. Gainsborough Records. (1997)
  • Especially For You, Keith Law. CD. Gainsborough Records. (1998)
  • Stimmung, Standarte. Includes Yellow Cave Woman (Keith Law),Black Widow.(1998)
  • Dance The Night Away, Keith Law. CD. Gainsborough Records. (1999)
  • Always On My Mind, Keith Law. CD. Gainsborough Records. (2000)
  • Velvett Fogg, Velvett Fogg. CD. Castle Records. Sanctuary Records Group Ltd. (2003)
  • Velvett Fogg, Velvett Fogg. LP. Akarma Records (Italy). (2007)
  • Look In The Window, Jardine. LP. ANAZITISI Records. (2008)
  • Look In The Window, Jardine. CD. Lion Productions. U.S.A. LION. (2009)
  • Eyes In The Wind, Keith Law. LP. ANAZITISI Records. (2009)
  • Visions, Keith Law. CD. Gainsborough Records (2015)
  • The Path, Keith Law. CD. Gainsborough Records(2009)
  • The Answer, Keith Law. CD. Gainsborough Records(2009)
  • Albums in progress [6]
  • Velvett Mist, Keith Law
  • Single
  • Harpsichord, Stampede (Single). United Artists. (1970)
  • Pictures In The Sky, Various Artists. Includes Within' The Night (Velvett Fogg),Bam-Caruso Records. (1988)
  • The Rubble Collection, Vol. 1-10 [Box Set] Various Artists-Volume 7.
    Includes, Within' The Night (Velvett Fogg), Past & Present Records. (1989)
  • Pictures In The Sky . Various Artists. Includes Within' The Night (Velvett Fogg) . Past and Present Records. (1989)
  • This Is Psychedelia, Various Artists- Includes Yellow Cave Woman (Velvett Fogg),Metro Records. (2007)
  • Cave Of Clear Light - The Pye & Dawn Records Underground Trip 1967 to 1975 (3CD set), Various Artists- Includes Yellow Cave Woman (Velvett Fogg), Pye/Esoteric (UK). (2010)

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