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I am a student of Thiagarajar College of Engineering(TCE), Madurai. I am doing my BE, Computer Science in TCE. Basically I love Linux. I am using GNU/Linux (sarge) for my carrier and for my studies as well as for my projects. I am also a member of TCENet group of TCE. I am also a member of GLUGOT and GLUG-Madurai. I am really proud to be a student of TCE, where the second phase of my life started.

I am glad to be one of the contributers of Wikipedia.

I am interested in Web development & CSS, Operating System and Computer networks. Currently I am doing my projects in Web Design that uses Python programming language, CheetahTemplate with PostgreSQL as the back-end.

And I am working on some modules in OS as a part of the OS developed by the students of our college.