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Vengeful Cynic is currently the assistant manager of a computer store... a position that affords him lots of time to edit Wikipedia, research policy, and clean up messes.

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Quite by accident, and due to boredom in my job, I seem to have taken on the role of creator of pages for famous diamonds. My pages created include:

Famous gems that aren't quite diamonds (I got carried away again):

I also created the page on a personal favorite character in Texas political history:

Branching out, I decided to hit a page that needed heavy rewriting and remove some plagiarism. This is the result:

Of late, I've been hitting the "Random Article" button and letting come what may, and as a result I've been dealing with a hodgepodge of articles that I'm working with:

Currently, I'm keeping a list of pages that I've randomed into and want to come back to... User:Vengeful Cynic/scribble

A list of useful stuff for anyone on RC Patrol: User:Vengeful Cynic/RC Patrol