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Category Good faith General note Caution Warning Final warning Blocked Block & warning
Vandalism messages
Generic {{test0}}
Self-reverted {{test-self}}
Obvious vandalism {{vw}}
Removing content {{test1a}}
Blanking pages {{blank1}}
Malicious pages moves
and naming conventions
Anonymous vandals {{sharedIP}}
{{Anon vandal}}
{{Anon vandal-n}}
Use of multiple IPs {{multipleIPs}} {{MIPblock}}
Adding spam links {{spam1}}
Vandalizing userpages {{tpv0}}
Removing warnings
on own user talk page
{{wr0}} {{wr1}} {{wr3}} {{wr4}}
Creating inappropriate pages {{Testarticle-n}} {{Test2article-n}} {{Test3article}}
Editing messages
Not adhering to
neutral point of view
Adding non-notable material {{nn-test}}
three-revert rule
{{3RR}} {{3RR4}} {{3RR5}}
explicit material
{{Not censored}} {{Not censored 2}}
Introducing deliberate
factual errors
{{verror3}} {{verror4}}
Posting off-topic
Using improper humor {{behave}}
{{funnybut}} {{seriously}}
Introducing stylistic problems {{Mos0}}
{{lang4}} {{lang5}}
Royalty stylistic problems {{rn2}}
Vanity/user pages
in article space
{{vanity}} {{userfy warning}}
Edit summaries {{edit summary}}
{{Edit summary personal}}
Other editing-related
{{talk sign}}
{{mcn2}} {{obscene}}
Image-related messages
Image vandalism {{image1}} {{image2}} {{image3}}
Fair use and
tagging problems
{{image copyright}}
{{Image no source last warning}}
{{image source}}
{{name your images}}
Behaviour messages
Personal attacks {{npa2}}
{{npa5}} {{npa6}}
of other users
{{defwarn}} {{defban}}
bad faith
{{agf1}} {{agf3}}
Being incivil {{civil1}}
Inappropriate username {{usernameblock}}
Posting other users'
personal information
{{pinfo4}} {{pinfo5}}
Threatening legal action
against other users
{{threat2}} {{threat4}} {{threatban}}
Sockpuppet use to
dodge final warning
Process-related messages
Removing {{afd}} templates {{drmafd}} {{drmafd2}} {{drmafd3}} {{drmafd4}} {{drmafd5}}
Removing speedy
deletion templates
{{drmspeedy}} {{drmspeedy2}} {{drmspeedy3}} {{drmspeedy4}} {{drmspeedy5}}
maintenance notices
deleted articles
Clerical blocking-related messages
'Block clerical' tags Informative:
{{vandalism watch}}
{{Request accepted}}
{{request denied}}
{{repeat vandal}} {{arbcom}}
{{blocked user}}
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Miscellaneous {{badcat}}

To coordinate numbers, the previous blanking 2, 3, and 4 templates have been moved because they were out of sync with the numbering usage with other templates. The old templates, though not listed, can still be used as they redirect to the new name and number.

The numbering system being used across the templates is simple:

0. Good faith edit
1. General note
2. Could be seen as vandalism
3. Warning to stop
4. Final warning
5. Blocked
6. Blocked plus severe warning