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Axel Lange (mail: axel-lange„at”

• Wikipedia author since June 2010. Actually more than 40 own articles mainly on Evolutionary Theory and Developmental biology

• Born January 29, 1955, Laufenburg, Germany

• Nationality: Germany

• Living close to Munich

• Study of Economics (Diploma) and Philosophy (Immanuel Kant) at the University of Freiburg 1975-80

• Actually PhD study (Theoretical Biology) at the University of Vienna, Austria. Doctoral thesis: "EvoDevo mechanisms at the example of preaxial polydactyly of the cat"

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For more detailed informations and a complete list of all my Wikipedia articles see:

I´d appreciate your comments and suggestions to my work here in Wikipedia.

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3 Préludes, No. 9, 10, 13 out of Scriabin 24 Préludes Op.11 recorded on my Yamaha C3 1998, uploaded to Wikimedia October 2013.

Étude in C-sharp minor, Op. 2, No. 1 (Scriabin) recorded on my Yamaha C3 1998, uploaded to Wikimedia January 2015.

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I hereby declare that from time to time I write selected biografies on living people with the occasional exception of reimbursement of expenses. In all cases I act in compliance with Wikipedia policies. Conflicts of interest are avoided as articles are not biased or overweighted in what these people performed in their discipline or life. All research results are cited by journal or book publications. I do not have any personal relationship with the peoples I'm writing about. I also strongly act in compliance with the Wikipedia polycy on living persons The major part of my German Wikipedia contributions deals with topics on evolutionary theory and developmental biology (

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