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Music engraving[edit]


\relative c'' { \time 3/4 \key ees \major 
\partial 1 ees,8 (g)
bes4. g8 f ees
ees2 ees4
f4. aes8 c bes
g2 bes4
ees4. d8 c bes
c bes g4 \fermata ees
f4. ees8 g f
ees2 \bar "||" r4^\markup \italic Chorus 
ees'4. d8 c8 bes8
bes4. g8 f ees
bes4. c8 g f
ees f g4 \fermata ees
f4. ees8 g f
ees2 \bar "|." 
\addlyrics { Mi glyw -- af dy -- ner lais, Yn ga -- lw arn -- af fi, I ddod a gol -- chi 'mei -- au gyd, Yn af -- on Cal -- fa -- ri. Ar --  glwydd, dy -- ma fi Ar dy al -- wad di, Golch fi'n bur -- lan yn y gwaed A gaed ar Gal -- fa -- ri. }
\addlyrics { I hear thy wel -- come voice, That calls me, Lord, to thee; For clean -- sing in thy prec -- ious blood, That flow'd on Cal -- va -- ry. I am com -- ing, Lord! Com -- ing now to thee! Wash me, cleanse me, in the blood That flow'd on Cal -- va -- ry! }

Cwm Rhondda[edit]

\new StaffGroup
  \new Staff \relative c'
  { \time 4/2 \key aes \major
      { \voiceOne ees2 f ees2. aes4 | aes (g) aes (bes) c2 bes2 | c aes f des' | c bes aes1 | ees2 f ees2. aes4 | aes (g) aes (bes) c2 bes2 | c2 des ees des4 (bes) | aes2 g aes1 | bes2. c4 des2 bes | c2. des4 ees2 c | ees2. ees4 ees ees ees ees | ees\breve | ees2. des4 c (ees) des (bes) | aes2 g aes1 \bar "|." }
      \new Voice="Alto"
      { \voiceTwo c,2 des ees2. ees4 | ees2 ees4 (f) ees2 ees | ees des f f | ees des c1 | c2 des ees2. ees4 | ees2 ees4 (f) ees2 ees | ees2 f ees f | ees ees ees1 | g2. aes4 bes2 ees, | aes2. bes4 c (bes) aes2 | aes2. aes4 g aes ees aes | g2 ees4 g bes1 | aes2. g4 aes2 f | ees ees ees1 }
  \addlyrics { Guide me, O thou great Re -- dee -- mer, Pil -- grim through this bar -- ren land; I am weak, but thou art migh -- ty; Hold me with thy power -- ful hand: Bread of hea -- ven, bread of hea -- ven Feed me till I want no more. Feed me till I want no more. }
  \new Staff \relative c
  {  \time 4/2 \key aes \major \clef "bass"
    { \voiceOne aes'2 aes aes2. c4 | c (bes) aes2 aes g | aes aes aes aes | aes g aes1 | aes2 aes aes2. c4 | c (bes) aes2 aes g | aes aes aes aes4 (des) | c2 bes c1 | ees2. c4 bes (aes) g (bes) | ees2. des4 c2 ees | ees2. ees4 des c bes aes | ees'\breve | ees2. ees4 ees (c) aes (des) | c2 bes4 (des) c1 }
    \new Voice="Bass"
    { \voiceTwo aes,2 des c bes | aes4 (bes) c (des) ees2 ees | aes f des bes | ees ees aes,1 | aes2 des c bes | aes4 (bes) c (des) ees2 ees | aes f c des | ees2 ees aes,1 | ees'2. ees4 ees (f) g2 | aes2. ees4 aes (bes) c2 | c2. c4 bes aes g f | ees2 g4 bes des1 | c2. bes4 aes2 des, | ees ees aes1 }

Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn[edit]

\relative c' { \time 3/8 \key f \major \autoBeamOff \tempo 8 = 90 \set Score.tempoHideNote = ##t
\partial 16 f16                                %  0
f16 [(a)] c8. a16                              %  1
bes16 bes a8. bes16                            %  2
c16 a f8. a16                                  %  3
c16 c r8. a16                                  %  4
bes16 bes \grace { bes16 [(c16)] } d8. bes16   %  5
a16 a c8. bes16                                %  6
a16 g g8. \grace f16 (e16)                     %  7
f16 f r8. f16                                  %  8
f16 f' f8. d16                                 %  9
bes16 bes bes8. a16                            % 10
g16 g' g8. e16                                 % 11
c16 c8 r8 a16                                  % 12
bes16 bes \grace { bes16 [(c16)] } d8. bes16   % 13
a16 a c8. bes16                                % 14
a16 g g8. \grace f16 (e16)                     % 15
f16 f8. \bar "|."                              % 16
} \addlyrics {
Mi sydd fach -- gen ieu -- angc ffol
yn ca -- ru'n ol fy ffan -- si
Mi -- yn bu -- geil  io’r gwen -- ith gwyn
ac a -- raill yn ei fed -- i
O' pam na ddew -- i ar fy ôl
Ryw ddydd ar ol ei gi -- lydd
gwaith 'rwy'n dy weled y fei -- nir fach
O! gla -- nach, la -- nach beu -- nydd.

The melody and words first published by Maria Jane Williams in 1844.

Images posted to Wikimedia Commons[edit]

Images posted
Red-painted wooden screen across the inside of a church, with a painted cross
The 14th century rood loft in St Ellyw's Church, Llanelieu
Gravestone with inscription in Welsh
Guto Nyth Brân's gravestone in Llanwynno
Bronze sculpture outside brick building
Three Obliques (Walk In) (1968) by Barbara Hepworth, Cardiff University School of Music
Commemorative terracotta plaque
Commemorative plaque on Aberdare Hall, Cardiff University
Detached suburban house, painted white
Hafod Lwyd, Rhiwbina, Cardiff. Designed for his own occupation by T. Alwyn Lloyd, c. 1920.
Stone statue of a seated woman holding flowers and an animal's skull on her lap
Stone statue of a seated man splitting a block of slate with a chisel
Slate Quarrying
Stone statue of two figures: a man standing on the left with a heavy load on his shoulders a woman standing on the right in a helmet holding a ship's mast
Mining (1914-15) by T. J. Clapperton
Stone statue of three figures:
Shipping (1914-15) by T. J. Clapperton
National Museum Cardiff – west pediment sculptures
Title page of a book (text)
Title page
Scans from The History and Antiquities of Glamorganshire and its Families by Thomas Nicholas (1874)