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About me[edit]

I'm 31, female, native speaker of Russian. At the moment I'm a passive Wikipedian, but when out of hibernation I'll be pitching in whatever I can.

I do read a lot of articles, or should I say it right: Live in Wikipedia ever since 2003, but I've neither written, nor edited anything yet. I'm still trying to get the hang of all the codes and I must say it's a Herculean task ( at least for now), so any help is welcomed. Don't mind telling me if you think I'm doing right or wrong, perhaps leave a comment on my inability to edit/spell/write/think. Tell me, don't bite me.

Currently having in mind few projects I'm planing to contribute, but I seem to like collecting userboxes more than actually contributing. Overall I'm having a great time learning Wiki.

I have interests in art, music, languages, philosophy, astrology, photography, crafts, mythology, poetry, literature, huh you name it...

Some people consider me to be eccentric, however I deem myself insane.

Work in progress[edit]

Victor Angelo