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WHY I'M HERE[edit]

Syntax and grammar[edit]

I'm mainly here to correct all the punctuation and grammar errors that deface my beloved Wikipedia. Strangely, I never see any speling misteaks. Maybe those errors are caught by a Wikipedia spell-checker during posting.

...Nope, because the system let me post "speling misteaks." So the lack of them in Wikipedia is now one of the 267,632,611 things I don't understand. I was hoping college would reduce that, but instead, the number of things I don't understand has exploded.

I don't understand that either, so increment the count again.


Not that I have any myself, but Wikipedia articles should have it. Many don't because few nerds write well. As with many other attributes, I'm a statistical outlier. WP looks very unprofessional when it appears to have been written by really smart sixth-graders.

KISS (keep it simple, smartass)[edit]

I'm also here to simplify science and math explanations (particularly in ledes) by replacing technical jargon ☞ without removing any of the meaning.

In this effort, physicist Richard Feynman is my Jesus. Unless his words were intended for academics, he never said "massive object;" he said "stuff." This made him tremendously understandable. I kneel before Feynman. If he were still alive, I'd bend over for him, too.

Why I'm not here[edit]

I'm not here to edit the content of any article even remotely controversial. I was here long before I registered, and I've gazed in horror at what happens to people who attract the attention of the goon squads that own articles. Jimbo ought to be ashamed of himself for not putting a stop to it, but he's too busy making five grand per speech at colleges like mine and fu cking groupies.

Or maybe I'm just mad because three other girls were in front of me at his motel door and he said he didn't need a fourth. I dunno.



It's the only interesting kind of math. Everything else is hard.

Since I already learned integral on my own, I'm taking a class in tensor calculus now. It has really opened my eyes about stuff fits together, but it's difficult, and I can barely hang on.


All of these are actually geometry-related:

I'm just a beginner in all of those (and in pretty much everything else). My main interest is their intersection, which is the shape of the universe. And now that I'm in college, I can actually take classes in this stuff instead of just reading books.

Pro-sex feminism[edit]

My favorite books[edit]

Essays commemorating Hawking's 60th birthday. Or 50th. I forget. For everything you're curious about, the answers are here! ...I mean, if you're curious about space and time.
A masterpiece nobody knows about because it's deSade. It ought to be taught in high school, the lesson being that you damn well better do what makes you happy, or else you're a gullible rube headed for an internally-contradictory, unhappy life.For example, pious teenage Justine seeks refuge from the crude, carnal world in a monastery. But she is forced to become a sex slave for the supposedly-chaste "Men of God," who can finally stop buggering each other and subject her to countless orgies and rapes. That is SOOO funny!
He wrote hundreds of books, and before I die, I'm going to read every dam one of them. Spelling error on purpose; I want to avoid the Wikipedia censorship robot. It's only the 21st century, and we're already hiding from robots. It sure isn't like in Asimov.

ABOUT ME[edit]

There isn't very much, really.

Preternaturally intelligent [edit]

  • Skipped 2nd and 5th grades
  • Kids just as stupid, only bigger, stronger, and meaner—and that's just the girls.
  • High school classes still boring. I could teach some of them. At least I'd get to eat lunch in the faculty lounge instead of nerd hell.
  • Escaped into the state college earlier this year


  • Freshman
  • Dual major (Math and Physics)
  • It's hard!
I'm struggling with calculus, but that's good. However, it leaves little time for Wikipedia, as you can see from my editing history when the semester started. The other people here are amazing.
No one hates anyone else; they speak English properly; and even strangers act like we're best friends. It was like switching from a little black & white TV to 60" HD color. It was like the guy at the end of THX-1138 emerging into the nonsterile, dirty world that he didn't know existed.
  • Just one deconvenience
In this new, dirty world, no one on campus will have sex even though it's exciting and wonderful. It seems the age of consent in this backward state is years away and virtually everyone else is too old for the similar-age exception. In America, you have to be afraid of the government for doing perfectly normal things, like smoke a particular substance. If I had money, I'd go live in Europe, where there are civilized countries. But for now, I'm keeping a "guy list" for my next birthday party.


The 3D shadow of a 4D cube and an admission test to my soul:

Glass tesseract animation.gif
  • All faces of this hypercube are really on the outer surface
  • All faces are squares
  • The faces are all the same size
  • All of the angles are right angles and never change
  • It is rotating around two axes at the same time: one of the three real ones and the imaginary one
  • Clockwise vs. counter-cc rotation around the imaginary axis means which side appears to expand from the center of this 3D shadow

Only get into hyperspatial topology if all of that is:

  • Obvious
  • Exciting!!


July '15: Won't be here much now — I'm sick and broken and damaged and smashed up and can't even roll over in bed. Prob lost the semester, too. I knew college was too good to be true. ☹