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WHY I'M HERE[edit]

Syntax and grammar[edit]

I'm mainly here to correct all the punctuation and grammar errors that deface my beloved Wikipedia. Strangely, I never see any speling misteaks. Maybe those errors are caught by a Wikipedia spell-checker during posting.

...Nope, because the system let me post "speling misteaks." So the lack of them in Wikipedia is now one of the 267,632,611 things I don't understand. I was hoping college would reduce that, but instead, the number of things I don't understand has exploded exponentially.

I don't understand that either, so increment the count again.


I don't have any, but Wikipedia articles should. Many don't because few nerds write well (as with sooo many other attributes, I'm a lonely statistical outlier). WP looks very unprofessional when it appears to have been written by really smart sixth-graders. It makes people say "Mmmm... I dunno. Maybe I better look it up in a real encyclopedia."

KISS (keep it simple, smartass)[edit]

I'm also here to simplify science and math explanations (particularly in ledes) by replacing technical jargon ☞ without removing any of the meaning.

In this effort, physicist Richard Feynman is my Jesus. Unless his words were intended for academics, he never said "massive object;" he said "stuff." This made him tremendously understandable. I kneel before Feynman. If he were still alive, I'd bend over for him, too.

Why I'm not here[edit]

I'm not here to edit the content of any article even remotely controversial. Math, formal logic, and topology; maybe. But I was here long before I edited and I've gazed in horror at what happens to people who attract the attention of the goon squads that own articles. They get "disappeared." Jimbo ought to be ashamed of himself for not putting a stop to it, but he's too busy making five grand per speech at colleges like mine and fu cking groupies.

Or maybe I'm just mad because three other girls were in front of me at his motel door and he said he didn't need a fourth.

I dunno.


Pro-sex Feminism[edit]


It's the only interesting kind of math. Everything else is boring. Specifically,

In my climbing tree at 12, it occurred to me that if the library book about Special Relativity was true, elapsed time MUST be negative distance—that is, a second is a negative number of (say) inches. Years later, I learned that they call time "imaginary space" for this reason. I didn't really care when I discovered I was right, because it's necessary. It's mandatory. I didn't have to "come up" with anything. It's right there in the 4D version of Pythagoras' theorem for anybody to see. But I was absolutely floored when I discovered that there's a whole branch of math about it. Other people had already figured the stuff out, so I didn't have to all by myself anymore. Yaaay!
Since I already learned rudimentary calculus on my own, I'm taking a class in tensor calculus now. It has really opened my eyes about how stuff fits together, but it's difficult, and I can barely hang on.


All real physics is over my head, but these are actually about geometry, so they're okay:

I'm just a beginner in all of those (and pretty much everything else in life). My main interest is their intersection, which is the shape and connectivity of the universe in four dimensions. And now that I'm in college, I can actually take classes in this stuff instead of just reading books alone in the corner of the cafeteria during lunch!

My favorite books[edit]

My bible. Metaphorical treatises on how free we actually are (more than we can ever imagine). And about how much more we can be, compared to what we are (ditto).
Mathematical explanation of what physical reality actually is. Most of it is waaay over my head.
Essays commemorating Hawking's 60th birthday. Or 50th. I forget. For everything you're curious about, the answers are here!
...Well, if you're curious about what space and time really are.
A masterpiece nobody knows about because it's deSade. It ought to be taught in high school, the lesson being that you sure as hell better do what makes you happy, or else you're a gullible rube headed for an unendurably sad, internally-contradictory life.
For example, pious teenage Justine seeks refuge from the crude, carnal world in a monastery. But she is forced to become a sex slave for the supposedly-chaste "Men of God," who can finally stop buggering each other and subject her to countless perversions, orgies and gleeful rape.
It is SOOO funny!
He wrote hundreds of books, and before I die, I'm going to read every dam one of them. Then I'll die, making it all for naught.
Spelling error ("dam") on purpose to avoid the Wikipedia censorship robot. It's only the 21st century, and we're already hiding from robots. It sure isn't like in Asimov.

ABOUT ME[edit]

There isn't very much, really, since I haven't existed very long.

Too smart for my own good[edit]

  • Not a "gift," but a curse from God
  • Skipped 2nd and 5th grades. Kids just as stupid, only bigger, stronger, and meaner—and that's just the girls.
  • High school classes still as boring as middle school ones. I could teach some of them. At least I'd get to eat lunch in the faculty lounge instead of hiding in the corner, facing the wall while I eat.
  • Just escaped into the state college, a.k.a. "infinitely wonderful heaven."


  • Freshman
  • Dual major (Math and Physics)
  • Everyone else is smart too, so nobody thinks of it as a disease like they do IRL
  • Nobody pushes me around because I'm smaller and weaker and younger. In fact, they think it's cool! WOW!
  • College is hard!
  • No, I mean, it's, like, REAL hard. Physics is fun because it's entry-level, but I'm struggling with math. However, that's good. I feel like a weightlifter who never had any weights to lift, and now I do. But it leaves little time for Wikipedia, as you can see from my editing history when the semester started.
  • The other kids here are amazing! Nobody hates anyone because of their color, or what country they come from, or if they're gay, or if they're smart. People don't hit each other. College kids speak proper English, and even strangers act like we're best friends. It's like switching from a 7" black & white TV to 70" 4K 3D color. It's like bursting to the surface when you're suffocating underwater. It's like being the guy at the end of THX-1138 emerging into the nonsterile, dirty, free world that he didn't know existed. Speaking of which...
  • Just one deconvenience: No one will do sex even though it's exciting and magic and thrilling and wonderful. Consent in this backward, hick state is high, the age exception is low, and when I implied and then even suggested it, they all acted like they're afraid of me. See, in America, you have to live in fear of the government for doing perfectly normal things, like smoking non-tobacco (which was another first for me here, and it, too was amazing. It makes me intensely creative and see things with less cognitive bias).
  • If I had money, I'd live in Europe, where there are civilized countries. But for now, I'm keeping a "guy list" for my dorm birthday party. It will be a magnificent, glorious day on the sofa of the 4th floor lounge. In fact, that's another good example of the kind of thing that happens here all the time that could never, ever happen anywhere else.
  • People who have never lived on campus have NO IDEA how wonderful and cool and free and happy it is.


JULY '15:

  • Won't be here at WP much now — I'm smashed up and crashed up and broken, and I can't even roll over in bed, literally. No more left eye.
  • Birthday was alone and without using my "guy list," which I threw away. Probably lost the Fall semester, too.
  • At least, 1) it was my own fault, and 2) I didn't hurt anybody else. I could never, ever live with making someone this way.
  • Guess I better sell my Nvidia 3D glasses while they're still worth something.

JAN '16:

  • Lost not only the Fall, but I won't be going to school anymore, or out of this house, or anywhere else. Thus ends learning stuff because complex analysis is too difficult for a [my age] person to learn on her own, or even online. I need it to be taught, not just read about it, so I can ask questions in real time.
  • I KNEW college was too good to be true. But it sure was fun while it lasted.
  • I will help out here at WP a lot more because now, all my time is free time.

JUNE '16:

  • Got permanent disability. You don't have to wait 3 years for a hearing if you're actually disabled.
  • Antidepressants work! I don't cry anymore—at least, not all the time.
  • I can't see in 3D, so I knock over plates of food and full cans of soda. VR coming soon? Not for me. Right eye damage catching up. In maybe a year, I won't be able to see any light at all. Man walks on Mars? I won't see it.
  • Far worse, I won't be able to look at porn. I'm watching extra so I can remember it. They said it would make me go blind, but this is ridiculous.


  • These posts look stupid. Fortunately, nobody reads them.
  • I wish I was stupid so I could be happy.