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My main user page is on French Wikipedia: fr:Utilisateur:verdy_p. This user name is also used since long on all other wikis and it has been so except on English Wikipedia.

My themes and personnalizations[edit]


This account here was previously named "Verdy_P" (from 2004 and up to 2 July 2008 : all my 2,308 edits in this period were lost in the history, due to failure of SUL to unify the account correctly) instead of "verdy_p" since then.

I previously had also another account named "verdy_p" that was became inaccessible after its first day of existence in 2004; this dead account is now renamed "verdy_p2004". This is that inacessible account for years that had forced me to recreate an other account "Verdy_P" here in 2004, as an exception compared to all other wikis (at that time it was not possible to rename accounts. This exception is now terminated, and all my accounts on all wikis share the same user name "Verdy p" under SUL.

Unfortunately, renaming accounts is still bogous: it does not move the user's pages and talk page as well, just the history. And you inherit the pages previously created by another account or you have to recreate them. Renaming accounts is certainly the worst solution and should not be the only solution offered to users in order to make SUL work across wikis.


All my past and future contributions made on projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia, Commons, Wiktionary, Meta,...) are now placed explicitly under both GFDL and CC-BY-SA licenses, including those before the transition date. This means that those past contributions will also adopt the CC-BY-SA license, everywhere only the default GFDL license was used since my first registation on any Wikimedia servers. (Note that a few files were also released directly under other licenses compatible with the GPL (2.1 or 3.0 or later), such as CeCILL 1.0 or later. This statement clearly indicates that those other licenses remain valid. My initent is now to use any license that is benefitable to the Wikimedia community at large. But I'll continue to authorize reuse of this content (or future content) under GFDL (1.2 or later) and GPL projects, even if the Wikimedia Foundation chooses later to only use CC-BY-SA for the future, unless a public statement is made by the Foundation (and accepted by a general community vote) that only CC-BY-SA (version 3.0 or later) should be kept.

Here is my digitally signed approval for the change of policy (See Special:SecurePoll/vote/1, and meta:Licensing_update/Questions_and_Answers).

SPID: 719


Version: GnuPG v1.4.1 (GNU/Linux)

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verdy_p (talk) 18:41, 12 April 2009 (UTC)

On all wiki projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, the licensing terms shown in my English Wikipedia account apply. This means that all my contributions are licensed under GFDL 1.2+, or GPL 2.1+, or CC-BY-SA 1.0+ : this is attested by a digital signature recorded by the Wikimedia Foundation, and with a public signature on this English Wikipedia user page.
I also approve the licenses CeCILL 1.0+ for the same contributions, as well as ODbL for any reuse of my data contributions in databases.
(Other licences are possible on request, just ask me on my talk page here or on English Wikipedia, if you need one).

Licensing restrictions for Privacy : These licensing extensions to databases are not applicable to my contributions in Talk pages of these wikis, where they contain personally identifiable information (they are protected by the French law Informatique et liberté of 1978, and other related international treaties ratified by France) ; the only personal information allowed to be exported is the indication of my public Wikimedia user account names (as they are seen in the public history of wiki pages to which I have personnally contributed). So you are not allowed to impersonate me (reusing my user account names or any other personally identifiable information, grabbed from Wikimedia projects or elsewhere) without my prior authorization, in your own contributions or modifications, on any Wikimedia projects or on any derived databases or publications that are subject to the above licenses. This means that you may copy parts or all of my contributions in Talk pages of projects hosted by Wikimedia into other articles (possibly hosted elsewhere), if needed, but they will be subject to the above licenses, and you may not include my user name (or other personally identifiable information) except for the purposes of keeping the history of versions and preserving the exclusive copyrights of the original author, independantly of the license chosen (please read these licenses about your obligations and about how to preserve the copyrights of authors).
If this Privacy restriction is blocking for your own project, my contributions on Wikimedia projects may be anonymized using a global community name (such as "The contributors of Wikipedia", or "Source: Wikimedia public projects") but you'll need to chose the appropriate license applicable to the collective work produced by this global community, and to accept the terms of this license, and you may also need to accept to be designated yourself as a member of this community, and to apply all "Contributor Terms", charters or other policies that have been collectively and publicly approved by this community, before reusing this community name into your derived works or databases, even if you are the author of the modifications in these derived works or databases.

Languages: See also my personal page on French Wikipedia for possibly additional licenses: fr:Utilisateur:verdy_p. Please understand that English is not my native language : it is not spoken, written, read and understood by a majority of people and medias in France where I live, and even if I took the best efforts to write clearly in English, there may remain conflicts of interpretations or undetected semantic/lexical/grammatical/syntaxic/orthographic errors in that language, so I may choose to answer to your questions only in French, if this has any legal consequences.