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This account is dead (inacessible to me due to early corruption of the English Wikipedia database containing the password or email address) since2004 (and failure to restore it correctly) ; until July 2008, this account here was previously named "Verdy p", but it was blocking the unification of my English Wikipedia account with other wikis under SUL ; but it has been renamed after my request to English Wikipedia administrators.

See now this account: Verdy_p (talk), also used in more than 70 projects,  : you'll see there all my contributions from the two user names that I have used since years here on English Wikipedia. Here it has also been renamed from the account Verdy_P that I had to recreate manually in 2004 (it may continue to be linked here on English Wikipedia from past/archived discussion pages in 2004-2008) and with which I had made almost all my edits between 2004 and july 2008.

Note that My previous wellknown user name Verdy_P has some edits in them in july 2008 that did not follow the renaming : it was used temporarily as a new registered account in July 2008 after a problem occuring after the renaming : it is no longer associated to any registered user.

(All my 2400 edits in that period from 2004 to mid-2008 in my history on this wiki have been definitely lost! due to failure of SUL in its early first days to correctly rename the account the way I had requested it, but also because of a fatal error made by a sysadmin here in English Wikipedia which did not understand the issue when I asked for help, and renamed the account incorrectly ; these past edits may be found in histories of lots of articles, under the name "Verdy_P", possibly others, because I absolutely don't know why this failed and how the account was restored here, but I cannot reply to them ; this is a severe GFDL copyright violation made by Wikipedia itself and its administration team).

See also my main (and first ever) account on French Wikipédia: fr:Utilisateur:Verdy_p (talk).