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User:veteran0101/Climate : This is a good site no matter which side of the fence you are on. I will definitely be checking this one out.

This is a Wikipedia user page.

A friend of mine looked at this page and pointed out that it is very biased.

  • Everyone has to start somewhere.
  • Below I explain where I am now, (and it will change).
  • My goal is to better understand both sides.
  • I will improve this page as I come to better understand the issues.

My views (right or wrong),this is where I am coming from.

  1. I am tired of the dogma of (Global Warming/Climate Change) on both sides.
    • Unproductive name calling.
    • Vernacular inaccurate definitions for scientific terms and processes.
    • Biased view lacking technical sources and derivations.
  2. There are many questions. Who, What, Where and Why.
    • Difficult, technical and requiring a lot of thought.
    • Media keeps contradicting itself.
  3. The important thing is to find out what is going on.
    • The explanation is important. I don't care what side anyone is on.
    • The various explanations need to be backed up with sources and examples.
  4. Catastrophic climate change is normal and will always happen.
    • I do not like the media hype that plays on doom and destruction.
    • We only need to look at our own lives to see what pleasant and unpleasant things weather has done for us.
    • The Ice Core data shows how unstable weather is even when we play no part in in it.
  5. We must plan to be ready when catastrophic climate changes do happen.
    • We have made our own situation difficult. See how many people are on the Planet!
    • The real risks are not survival of the species or the planet. Look at the Ice Cored data. The earth has already been through a lot.
    • The real risks are money and lives. There are many lives and dollars at stake if it the climate changes even slightly.
    • A real understanding, not what side you are on, is the real path to success.

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Other links:

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The Earth is warming - doesn't matter[edit]

  1. The Earth has been warming for the last 400 years.
  2. The Earth has been warming well before the industrial revolution.

We are causing it - we don't know - doesn't matter[edit]

  1. Catastrophic climatic change is normal.
  2. The current climatic temperature change must be averaged over 30 to even make one data point to be compared with the ice core data, otherwise you are only comparing apples and oranges.

We can stop it - doesn't matter[edit]

  1. There will always be catastrophic change.
  2. Tsunami's, hurricanes, Cyclones, Drought, Floods, Droughts ... will always be with us.

We must build a World which can cope with these Catastrophic climatic changes.[edit]

  1. We are over due for an Ice Age.
  2. Ice ages last 90,000 years.
  3. We may have a heat wave.
  4. Global warming may just continue no matter what we do.
  5. Risks to civilization, humans and planet Earth

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