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This page used to include a rant about the sad current state of wikipedia and its transphobic actions. The rant linked to a blog that details how systemic transphobia has become in wikipedia but since that blog mentions private info about an editor (that he revealed publicly), the whole rant was deleted due to WP:OUTING and was replaced with an old version of my user page in which I foolishly "thank wikipedia". That old version does not agree with my current views on wikipedia, so let me remove it. I will also re-add the second half of my old user page, the following link is important shall wikipedia survive as a tool in which users share. And it doesn't seem to mention any information about specific editors, so.

Wikipedia's decline: Caused by getting taken over by dudebros[edit]

The decline of wikipedia . It has been made clear that Wikipedia needs to renew its editors. The set of wikipedia editors is becoming increasingly white, male, heterosexual and cis. It has become a toxic community that takes bigoted decisions and is not welcome to anyone else. Why would new people want to become editors? To spend valuable time contributing to a project that will not welcome them?