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About Me

My name is Vijay Gandhinagar. Born in Sullia. Currently working as an ASIC Design engineer for a leading Enterprise storage Solution Provider company located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA.

Wiki and Me

I love Wikipedia. Thanks to my friend who was also my work colleague, Mr. Z Liu for introducing me to the world of wikipedia. Thanks to the brains behind Wikipedia. Big thanks to all contributors of Wikipedia. My contribution to wikipedia includes creation of following new articles..

New Pages...

Major contribution to already existing pages...

Minor Edits...

Little story behind my user id "vgandhi"

I got this id from my unix login id at my second job. It was vgandhin(8 characters). I cut it short and decided to hang on to VGandhi.

My Favorites
Sports Cricketer NFL NBA
Movies Actors Heartthrobs TV Show