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Vibhor Mittal, of Houston, takes art interest to a new level. His goal has always been to start conversations and keep them going. Vibhor Mittal has Houston up on walls with art, displaying the finest parts of the city. He uses his nonprofit, The Mittal Makeover, to tell kids about the wonders of using writing and photography as spiritual tools.

Personal Life[edit]

Amateur artist and engineer Vibhor Mittal of Houston, TX, was born in 1984 and is a native of his community. He was born into a unique household. His father was a quality engineer and his mother was a schoolteacher. He grew up with his brother and sister in a small, two bedroom home. His parents instilled a respect for education into him and his siblings, laying the path for a life of learning.

After earning his degree in engineering, Mittal collected some investment money through friends and launched a couple of startups. They were not successful, but Mittal learned a lot about the business world. He then moved on to become an engineer for a manufacturing company.Vibhor Mittal, a Houston favorite, photographs the countryside, then writes newsletters to friends and family highlighting local sights.

Artistic Pursuits[edit]

Vibhor Mittal of Houston's goal in life was always to support himself through his artistic hobbies. He took a couple of photography classes and began selling prints through local community events, art shows, and flea markets. In 2008, he started a nonprofit company doing pro bono photography work for family and friends. The Mittal Makeover is his own enterprise, which works to educate people on photography and camera techniques. He also provides free pictures for weddings, birthdays, and special events.Mittal has been writing fiction and poetry since 2010.


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  • Watch Movies
  • Writing
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  • Talking
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