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Hello! I'm Victorygin1138. I'm a long-time reader of Wikipedia, and a new (August 20, 2014) contributor, having dabbled a bit in the past. I am interested in history, particularly from a sociological perspective, and public health. Hobbies include hiking, camping, fishing (mostly catch and release), and reading (history, biographies, most fiction). I live in Syracuse, New York and am married with two kids.

List of Articles I've created/edited[edit]

I was saddened that a documentary I tried to add - Rocket Men ( was deleted...I saw the track record of the guy who voted it to be deleted, and he was like 150-0, so I suppose I didn't have much of a chance. If you're interested, this was a documentary about the rise of NASA from Gemini through the near-end of the shuttles. Streaming on Netlfix, 1.2 million gross, and re-broadcast on PBS stations at points across the country was apparently insufficient to warrant Wikipedia publication.

I'm still learning the culture and rules here, but some things mystify me.