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Bullpen Mafia is a reference to the 2011-Present Cleveland Indians pitching bullpen. The Bullpen Mafia consists of the Indians reliever bullpen and pitching staff (see full list below). The Indians bullpen received this name after being one of the most skilled and put together bullpen ever.


The Cleveland Indians bullpen soon to the name Bullpen Mafia after the Indians had one of their best starts ever with over 13 straight home game wins. The win were due in part to the team taking the lead with less than 2 innings left in over 25 games. The name Bullpen Mafia grew to a natinol title when ESPN started calling them the Bullpen Mafia and ESPN anchor Steve Berthiaume was seen holding a Bullpen Mafia shirt and becoming a Honorary member. The Indians Bullpen Mafia was also invites to MLB's Man Cave to talk about there pitching skill.

Mafia Bullpen Players[edit]

Player Time playing for Indians Hand Saved Games ERA
CHRIS PEREZ 2010- Right 90 2.73
TONY SIPP 2006- Left 2 3.84
JOE SMITH 2009- Right 0 3.17
FRANK HERRMANN 2010- Right 1 4.63
VINNIE PESTANO 2011- Right 3 2.30
*CHAD DURBIN* 2011-2011 Right 4 5.05
  • No Longer An Indians Player


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