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Tiberius Jarsve
Native name
TrondMarius Pettersen Jarsve
Marius Broløkken

25th of april 1998
ResidenceHurum, Buskerud Norway
Other namesTiberius
OrganizationThe National Association of Schools
Known forActivism
Home townAsker
Political partyRed Party (2013-present)
Sinn Féin (International member, 2017-present)
Norwegian Communist Party (Affiliated, 2013-present)
Socialist Left Party (Norway) (Affiliated 2017-present)
  • Svein Pettersen (father)
  • Therese Jarsve (mother)
FamilyKarlberg (Paternal)

Hi, im vif12vf, but you may call me Tiberius. Im a norwegian student who likes to study history, philosophy, politics, human rights and social sciences, currently i am studying History at the University of South-Eastern Norway. Im from the municipality of Hurum, which will merge with the municipalities of Røyken and my place of birth, Asker in 2020. My contributions includes changes in basic grammar, adding of ideologies to party-infoboxes and expanding pages whom are lacking in information. I am a member of the Red Party in Norway, as well as being an international member of Sinn Fein. I am primarily of Norwegian and Swedish descent but with a fair bit of Italian and some German descent as well.

Personal Quotes[edit]

A religion may encourage violence but in the end, it is always up to the person to decide between right and wrong! -By me

I love the homeless, they are my brothers and sisters, i believe they are worth more than the rich! There is one thing the homeless has that the rich dont, empathy! -By me

We live under the elective dictatorship of the rich and greedy, but somehow we still believe we are free! -By me

Democracy with poverty and homelessness is no democracy of the people! -By me

Most liberals tend to despice the neo-liberal dictators for their totalitarian values, but they will gladly support the policies and events that leads to their rise to power. -By me

Western accusations against the syrian government regarding alleged crimes is pure whitewashing of horrendous crimes committed by the terrorists in Syria! -By me

Most people who criticize something or someone for being un-democratic have no idea democracy today is not a single concept. -By me

Personal Opinions[edit]

As several things on my wikipedia userpage might suggest, i identify as a Communist. However this is a very vague description, thus i have decided to explain more into detail my personal positions in politics. As with most communists i identify as a Marxist–Leninist, however i am a strong supporter of the Socialist policies of Cuba and as such regard myself as a Castroist. While i hold this specific position i do not consider myself sectarian and as such is not hostile towards most types of marxist and marxist-leninist ideologies (with certain exceptions). I am also a strong supporter of Eco-socialism and Socialist feminism worldwide.

EU and NATO[edit]

On the subject of the EU and the EEA i consider myself to be a Eurosceptic. I am against the idea of Norway joining the European Union, however i also think Norway should leave the European Economic Area. Not only do i not think Norway should be in these organizations, i am opposed to their very excistence. I also think Norway should leave NATO in order to not make Norway complicit in American imperialism, and i believe it would be better for humanity if NATO was dismantled.

Norwegian Action
General SecretaryTiberius Jarsve
Founded20th September 2017
NewspaperMarxist News [1]
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Agrarian socialism
Hard Euroscepticism
Socialist feminism
Revolutionary socialism
Internal Factions
Scandinavian Federalism
Political positionCentre-left to Far-left
National affiliationRed Party
Socialist Left
Norwegian Communist Party
Young Communist League of Norway
Communist Platform
Marxist–Leninist Group Revolution
Party flag
Norwegian Action Star Flag.png

Norwegian Action[edit]

Norwegian Action (Norwegian: Norsk Aksjon) is a non-registered political organization in Norway open to independent socialists and communists as well as members of the Red Party, Socialist Left and the Communist Party of Norway. It is a membership-by-affiliation organization and therefore does not have membership-fees. The organization exists to create broader unity between its three affiliated parties, as well as to spread knowledge about socialism and certain topics that are discussed within norwegian politics. Norwegian Action has several goals that are listed below:

1: Spreading knowledge about Socialism and Marxism.

2: Working for cooperation between its three affiliated parties.

3: Spreading enviromental awareness.

4: Working for the disestablishment of norwegian monarchy and the creation of either a Semi-presidential Constitutional republic or a Socialist state.

5: Making Norway economically self-sufficient.

6: Opposing imperialist wars by the US and its allies.

7: Working to get Norway out of the European Economic Area.

8: Making Norway leave NATO in order to not make Norway complicit in imperialist wars.

9: Banning fascist organizations and gatherings of fascists.

10: Actively supporting the rights of women and the LGBT community.

Book's i read/have read[edit]

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Heimskringla by Snorre Sturlasson.

Capital: Critique of Political Economy by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. (Currently reading)

The Bible by various authors.

Countries i have visited[edit]

Vif12vf's infobox

Personal avatar of vif12vf. Flag of Tiberius.png

Countries i want to visit[edit]

This list is incomplete/a work in progress.

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